Do you have any triggers?


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Do you know of any triggers that seem to cause panic attacks for you a lot?

One of my main ones is health related. If I feel a new pain or strange sensation in my body, it will almost always cause me to have a panic attack. I start thinking the worst. I have fear of tooth issues because I don't have dental insurance so anything related to my teeth makes me panic. My husband is working on getting us coverage so I can get my cavities taken care of but it might not happen till next year.


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all of my issues come from somewhere i can identify so triggers can be anything but some people claim they don't know why so either they've suppressed their feelings or there's really no reason for them like it's genetic


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I know of a few, but I also have an issue of sometimes not knowing whats triggered an attack or there being no trigger at all and the panic just sets in for fun :idontknow:
Eye-contact, BIG time.

Wearing sunglasses is the best decision I've made in ages. :cool:
:bigsmile: Sorry, just laughing at this as I can related. And have struggled with this from a young age, myself.

Having to approach someone when they're with someone else, or 'god' forbid, a group of people..
Same here. Though, asking for help is another, I guess you'd could call it a trigger. Why? Well, fear of the response is main the reason. I guess that's how it goes when yer raised by and around women who are easily provoke to anger; and who tend to snap at ya if ask a simple question. Sorry, didnae mean to get all personal with that answer.
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If someone has a mole or some other mark on their face, it triggers my anxiety because I will become super aware of it and all the time spent speaking to that person will be me telling myself not look at it too much because that would be inappropriate. This, of course, causes me to look too much!
Irrational anger directed at me, when people are petty and selfishness, condescending behaviour, code switching in the middle of a sentence (that means when two languages fight for dominance when you're talking/thinking,) going to places/situation where I don't know how to handle myself, appearing selfish to others.