Do you ever miss..... ????


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Do you ever miss people that you used to be friends with but now no longer are? Do you ever think about them & wonder if they think about you & if they do, what they think about you?

I do.

I think about the few friends I had back in childhood. One is now a paramedic. The last I heard, another had graduated from business college, & another has two or three kids.
I also think about the friendships that I've made over the internet who have all just disappeared for one reason or another. It's really sad. I took a couple of their disappearances very hard. It makes me worry that the few friends I have online now will suddenly stop being my friends & that I'll be completely alone, especially since online friends are all I have right now.


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never. I don't miss people that aren't in my life anymore. Regret is not worth my time.

They still call me sometimes. I don't answer the phone. I hate talking on the phone. If they text I'll write back sometimes but I never hang out with them.


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Do you ever miss people that you used to be friends with but now no longer are? Do you ever think about them & wonder if they think about you & if they do, what they think about you?

All the time. I even miss people I wasn't very close to. Thanks to Facebook, I see all the people I went to high school with who still hang out together. It makes me sad, but I think I'd be more saddened if I wasn't on Facebook, and felt even less of a connection to these people...


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Yeah, a few joined that army, a few have kids, a couple in jail and 3 more of them are dead. I don't think any of my past friends have gone on to do anything spectacular but I do wonder what they think about me sometimes. It's just really weird when you see your old best friend turned phony friend that you haven't seen in years and you had easy fluid conversations and now it's like you never knew eachother and are total strangers. I try to forget it though, no point in worrying about what they think I've moved on but yeah I wonder if they ever think about me.


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half of my mates do the same job as me , people i went to school with , the other half god knows what happend to them , there was one guy called paul he had a heart attack at 22 years old and died ....... guess its not just old people that get heart attacks :confused: but its rare i should think 2 get a heart attack that young :confused:


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There are a few of them I miss. They showed nothing but kindness, when my problems began. But after a while they didn't bother to call or write me. I have a hard time calling anyone, even the ones who are close to me. So if they don't contact me, I don't either.

There's this one friend though, my best friend. After we haven't talked for at least two months, she sent me a message, asking how I was doing, if I would come over.

I think, that real friends will stick with you no matter what. Just be open and honest with them.


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Yes, I miss them. But that's normal. As you grow up it's actually really common for high school friends to drift apart whether you have a disorder or not. Try not to look into the past too much though. As you mentioned, it can be a little depressing to focus on what you've lost. There's a lot of life left to be lived and some wonderful people to be met. :)
Yes, I do. I really miss all the guys (was an all-boy class) from my last class of highschool. Spend 4 school years with those people, and piece by piece they were awesome. Some less then others, but awesome non the less.

It's too bad that they didn't think too highly about spending time with me out of school. :/ I guess that's what I get for dressing the way I do. ^,^;


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I do miss some running friends from the 1980s. These were good times with a very positive group of people.

I also look on that time wistfully in that I didn't have anxiety issues. A better time for me.


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I have nostalgia for certain past situations; places I lived, schools I went to, vacations I took. I have an interest in revisiting all those aspects of my life. I'm kind of a schizoid though, so I don't miss interpersonal relationships I had with people. Not that I've ever had many real-life friends. I could probably count them on one hand.