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  • Hey haven't seen you on here in a while, just thought i would say hi and hope you're doing well :)
    Hi seafolly, I just wanted to say that your photos in your flickr account are great! I wish I have an creative eye like yourself. I have a dSLR too but I can never take decent shots. Well done :)
    YouTube - Ernie The Fastest Milkman In The West - Benny Hill um lol :rolleyes: i think its funny :D
    Hope your trip is going well. Send a post when you get settled to let us know how it went. :]
    arundel on Flickr - Photo Sharing! i dont think there goose , but its arundel wetlands centre , just up the rd from me , that pics on my flickr page lol
    Hi seafolly. I read your post in the Teacher with SA thread and I really admire u. U are brave to to tell your teacher that u like him. And I agree with u that even he never replied u, it was better than always wondering:"what if?".
    I like this girl in my school, but im not brave enough to tell her my feeling. I wish I could be brave like u
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