Dealing with Big Racist Bullies in Middle School?

I got this one problem of me that makes me really mad and angry that im the only Indian (Asia) boy in our whole school in a majority white/Mexican school. There's many bullies that make racist comments to me and stuff but there is this one bully thats huge (giganto muscles and like 6' 5") and makes racist commments to me like "No BOMBS on my plane *******" and say I do say something he walks toward me like he wants to kik my ***. How do I respond to these kind of bullies but enough so I don't anger him

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Well, most likely the reason why this idiotic fool pushes you around with such comments is because he believes he can get away with it. You must stand for yourself. Show him you won't take any **** from that fool. Though you may pay the price by being injured in a fight, he will think twice before attempting to make racist comments if he knows you'll fight back. Of course, your situation may be different so do not take my advice for granted. If my advice fails, then I apologize in advance. My experience in this area is dreadfully poor.
How do I respond to these kind of bullies but enough so I don't anger him
Any response besides being an easy target is likely to anger him, so anything that will help is likely to piss him off.

Fighting back by some means, and preferably multiple means, is generally advisable. There's wit--make him look like an idiot for his lack of knowledge about race, terrorists, etc. There's the authorities--most schools have a harsh (minimum 1 day suspension mandatory by state, principal doesn't get to decide) punishments for racial slurs. If you're going to get physical, for god's sakes don't fight remotely fair. :D

Remember, sorts like this are looking for your fear and misery. Don't give them that, even if you have to fake it.


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these bullies strive on getting away with it so dont let them ... its easier said than done of course . i used to be bullied when i was in primary school so much that i didnt want to go but i woke up - bullies cant stand being stood up to ! this might sound extreme but if he's as big as you say he is then then kick him between the legs as hard as you can - it will work ! you may get hurt in any resulting fight but bullies usually leave you alone once you stand up to them .


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Fight back. It's something I had to learn in middle school, but I did learn it and it helped tremendously.


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I can confirm that bullies will back off (some will even become your friends!) if you stand up to them. You should never have to feel bad about who you are, so you have the right to stand your ground and tell him exactly what you think of him and turn it around on him to make him look weak.

You do not need to get physical, but if you want to feel secure in yourself then start lifting some weights and/or take some fighting classes (krav maga is easy to learn and purely self defensive). Maybe it seems a bit extreme but you are young and if you did that now you will be ensuring the rest of your school years are bully-free.
who cares about angering him?? He's a piece of **** to me and I'd step all over his ****
*****. ....Sorry, bullies make me angry -_-;

But so this isn't total spam, I would start lifting weights (as I am now) so if you ever have to fight you can win. It will make you feel much more secure and better. Also, gat better with comebacks, nothing annoys a bully like a person that can be a smart aleck like them.
i can relate

i went to highschool at a basically all white school anyways im half asian half white and a group of kids would pick on me for a couple years this was when i was 11-13ish probably one of the many reasons im shy and socially unable to integrate in society, they were kicked out the school. These days ive had a couple of instances people will say something behind my back but i dont think anyone does it much anymore dunno why.


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Stand up to him or tell a teacher. You have to do it or you might regret it later. So what if you may get beat up, just stand up for yourself. No one deserves to be bully. Being a bully is bad but letting other bully you is not too much better.
If you can ignore him, if you can't tell it to someone. Worst case scenario he beats you up, in that case defend yourself and go crazy.


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Hate to disagree with everyone, but realize that standing up to this bully probably means standing up to a bunch of his friends. Your situation sounds really rough, and I'm sorry to say there's probably no ideal way to deal with it. Just keep in mind that what happens in middle school is (or should be) insignificant compared to the rest of your life. :)
I'll give the same advice I gave my younger brother in a similar situation, wait until he's alone :)
My advice is to play into the whole Taliban stereotype and scare the living sh1t out of him and everyone who messed with you.

Always walk around with a backpack even when its not necessary.

Wear long jackets that look like you're hiding something

wear free Palestine t shirts, or T shirts with bombs on them

sit and stand around boxes often.

but that's just me and I can be a weird cynical azshole sometimes. :)

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Whoa whoa whoa. So many of you are saying to just 'fight back' - What does this even mean?! With words? With kung fu?

The OP has expressed that this is a BIG fellow that he's having to deal with here! You people are going to get this poor kid's ass kicked!

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my advice is to play into the whole taliban stereotype and scare the living sh1t out of him and everyone who messed with you.

Always walk around with a backpack even when its not necessary.

Wear long jackets that look like you're hiding something

wear free palestine t shirts, or t shirts with bombs on them

sit and stand around boxes often.
:D :D :D :D win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I think the best way is to not care,try to take it friendly and be friendly to people,unless he is violent,there were only me and another guy of japanese descent in my school,people used to call me Japa(Jap)heck even my family did and other things,but I answered,it was like my nickname,they also made some jokes,its just the way people are.
i love how everyone keeps saying "fight back" haha... that's the wrong thing to do! helloooooo!! lol

if it were me, i don't think i'd fight back... because that's exactly what he wants, duh! that would be why he keeps pushing you, because he wants you to fight back so he can then beat your ass, haha =/

i'd probably act like i was above him. because you are above him. you're better than him, you don't run around putting other people down because of your own insecurities. so he obviously has issues of his own. i'd completely ignore it and act like i didn't even hear the words coming out of his mouth, so much that he might start thinking you're deaf or something! haha.. i'm sorry, but to be honest, fighting is the immature route to take. don't you guys understand that fighting is exactly what the bully is doing? uh.. wtf?

anyway, stand your ground in a way that this kid doesn't even know about.. ignore him. don't let it get to you, show him that he holds absolutely no value to you. why the hell should you care what his jolly green giant ass has to say? he means nothing to you, so his words mean nothing to you. maybe tell him that you're sorry he feels that way, haha... he's just a jackass with his own problems, bud.. you'll learn to take people like that with a grain of salt, you might even start to feel sorry for them, haha :) best wishes to you!
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I don't think there's an easy way of stopping the bullying. I've never been bullied so I don't know what to say, but I really don't think it's a good idea to fight back, even if the guy was smaller than you. You fight, you lose, now you're gonna be embarassed about it for a long time. You win, so what? Nobody cares. Also, you can kill a person with a single punch, so fighting is definitely not a good idea. Insulting him will just make it worse, so I say don't even talk to him or look at him. Just ignore him, pretend not to hear him. It's only him and his friends who think this is funny. You can't just ignore him and still be affected by what he says though. You truly need to not be affected by it, otherwise you're gonna be miserable for a long time. If things get worse and he gets physical with you, report it to the police. I once saw a bully getting taken in by a cop who happened to be HIS FATHER! It was the most awesome thing ever :p