Cell Phone Assumptions


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Today, I've realized that the reason why I don't talk to girls is because of one thing: cell phones.

Girls, at least where I live, and the ones that I'm interested in, are always using their cell phone. They never let go of it. When they're not talking, they're texting. Even during class when the teacher is talking, they're texting under their desk.

The thing is, when I see a girl hanging on to her cell phone like that, I make assumptions. When she's talking on her cell phone, I assume that she's talking to her bf, even though I don't know if she's single or not. When she's texting, I assume that she's texting to her bf. Think about it. Who else could make them become cell phone addicts? Certainly not their mommies. Friends are nice, but not nice enough to text them all day long. It must be a guy, a guy that they like.

It's like when people used to chat together all day long in the old days. Anyway, the assumptions totally discourage me from even trying to approach these girls. I'm not even willing to take a chance. Damn cell phones!!!


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I think it's teenagers and young adults...

I find it annoying when I'm anywhere in public and no one is acknowledging anyone else-- is on facebook on their blackberry or texting someone or laughing obnoxiously as they talk to someone on their cell phone.
Then again, maybe I'm jealous?
I don't have any friends constantly wanting to know every insignificant detail of my day as it happens.
I hardly touch my cell phone. It's been off for a few months and I really don't care because my life isn't any different with/without it.
It serves as a GPS because I'm a moron and get lost whenever I go outside-- and a phone for emergencies. I've called 911 on my phone more times than I've called anyone else.

People text and talk to friends all day and all night long.
That is what I've noticed just from watching my brother. He doesn't have a girlfriend- doesn't want one (they cost too much, he says. haha!) but he's ALWAYS on his phone. It's facebook, it's twitter, it's 'social networking' for those who have no use for a social network.
It's a fixation. They need to have that phone in their hands to not feel bored or lonely.

That's just the way the world is going, really.
No more face to face conversation-- it's all about the text.


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By no means am I on my cell phone constantly, but I am a girl and have friends who're constantly on their phones. Trust me...They aren't texting their boyfriends! Sure, the boys will get a few texts, but the majority of the time they're texting their friends and family to pass the time...Especially if they have blackberries.

I'm old fashioned. If I want to pass the time in class, I'll doodle. :) I hate when friends text their other friends when we're spending time with each other. Hate it! So disrespectful and I look down on those people.


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the high school and college girls i know mostly text other girls - their friends

they might be texting about boys, but they're generally texting each other
What I find difficult is finding living females at all

(Makes it seem like I might have necrophiliac tendencies. I'll let you make your own mind up about that)


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My sister texts a lot, her phone goes with her everywhere.
And the amount hasn't changed since she's gotten a boyfriend.


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There will be a nuclear war before the turn of the next century, you can be sure of that. This world is on a garbage truck heading for the dump site. Socialism will become a reality in the USA soon. We have a black President for christ sakes. Kids use tiny computers in classrooms. So much is changing at such a rapid pace.

Just like with working out and nutrition, too much change in no time at all is seriously unhealthy. We're doomed.


People cling onto their special 'phone because it looks nice. They like it because they have no friends, and it's their favourite toy to play with.

When I was 10 years old, in 1986, my favourite toys were my bike, and we all went on rides every day, in the countryside, getting lost, and returning exhausted. We had CB radios. We played on swings. We made bonfires, burning wood, and junk


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I don´t like to use cell phones too much.
Some people need to have cell phone- conversation/action/gossip/flirting going on at all times, to try to hide their feelings of loneliness, boredom, etcetera.


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And if you think about it, these girls are all texting/calling someone, right? Well, how many guys do you see on there phones all the time? Not to say males don't use cell phones a lot too, but if you look around and only girls are texting, guess what, the recipient is most likely another girl.

Hehe, that's true!


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I never text when I'm with people, or a group of them. To be honest though, I whip out my phone sometimes and start texting just to look busy and avoid any contact with people...
But what I don't get, is those people who are texting 24/7. When I was out with a few friends a while ago, my friend kept on her phone a lot of the time. I find it insulting when I'm hanging out with someone, and they start texting... I mean, sorry for boring you. If you really find me that boring why dont you go hang out with whoever you've been texting for the passed 3 hours.

Another thing that immensley annoys me though.
However hypocritical it might sound.
I take the bus in the morning. And there's usually about 10 or so people at the stop. What I don't get is why about 7 or so of them are all on their phones doing something. I mean its like 7am people... Who actually gets up at 7am to check the social networking sites? Instead of being glued to whatever you're doing on your phone, why dont you make a new friend instead of focusing your attention on your phone 24/7?


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I have been known to use my phone as a distraction device. At social gatherings, I imagine that people will judge me for not talking to anyone, so I pretend to text someone. Usually I write down how I feel and save it to my drafts.


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Those girls would make me avoid them too if I was male. Even if it wasn't the thinking they were talking to their boyfriend I would think that they are constantly attached to their phone and that would be a big turn off. Who wants to be on a date with someone constantly texting?

Phones just annoy me in general. I hate it when people talk and text while they are walking along and don't look where they are going. Several times I've had people walk head long in to me or fall on my baby while we are walking in town. I hate the irritating constant bleeps and ring tones that go off when you are trapped on public transport. I hate hearing awful tinny sounding music coming out of peoples phones while they walk along. Whatever happened to earphones?
Constant texting from people who are in my company I just find plain rude.

Phones are a good thing and very useful as long as the person behind them remember their manners.