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  • Hi! I've just joined and I'm just getting myself acquainted with this haven! As a musician myself, I have been instantly drawn to your profile, anyone with a passion for music is awesome! just saying 'hi!'
    Hi.Problems. You are as old as you feel appartently.Its interesting how many sayings and quotes there in the English language.I wander who said that originally.
    Hi.Whats it like being a teenager now a days.Im into my early thirties so Im out of touch with what the teens are into.I just read this message back and I sound like an old man trying to find out what the kids are into.Lol
    I really like your avitar. It reminds me of a folk style album cover~ nice colours, mellow feeling. Very cool
    Hi Enigmati, hope you're not feeling as crummy as the other day. I have always been intrigues by your username, what does it mean?
    Hello :) How have u been?

    Haha, yeah, funny can be. haha
    Nice, what songs do you play? Or better to ask.. What type of songs do you like to play?
    I play acoustic yepyep, I love songs like Colbie Caillat,Amy Macdonald,Jason Mraz,James blunt & morrison lol, and Anouk. that's a dutch singer.. lol.. and krezip.. and I also like to play some classics... I'm learning eye of the tiger.. it's a bit difficult.:p

    I also have an electric guitar, a purple one, i bet a lot of people like the colour lol
    i don't play much electric guitar tho, i play more acoustic.. like the sound better:)
    I would like to get a spanish guitar or a classic guitar, i wanna learn spanish guitar songs. u ever heard the song ''flamenco''? It's so cool. it's a spanish guitar songs. a popular one.

    How long have u been playing guitar?

    Hey EnigmatiConduit
    How are you doing? So we have scored the same result in the test, cool! :)
    It's a bit creapy, haha, my desktop wallpaper is a picture of Brisbane, and now I meet someone from the city! Wow.. haha

    I just typed at google ''Black city wallpaper'' and found a beautiful wallpaper of your city

    Anyways it's nice to meet you, you also play the guitar? :) (your avatar)

    Hello EnigmatiConduit:) I was born and grew up in Brisbane. I live further north now. I do miss it.
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