Being Single vs Being In A Relationship

You're lucky your boyfriend is a christian. He probably wants you to wait bc i think as a christian you'd have to wait to have sex upon marriage. i think God would want you to do it that way bc if you have children it's not good for your children, to divorce.
I am not of that faith, so to me it doesn’t seem lucky. I’m learning tolerance through this, though. Sex is extremely important to me in a relationship, so we compromised.


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Wth is choko? Sounds a little too rough and kinky for me.. :LOL:
It's a veggie (or maybe a fruit not too sure) but I've never tried it so no idea if it's good or what's good or bad with it. We actually were told they were poisonous as kids by a neighbour (in hindsight the bustard just wanted them all for himself probably)