Awesome Teens!! :)


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This is a thread for you. There are quite some awesome teenagers on this site!!
Some are wise and smart beyond their years...

Being a teenager can be difficult - and great too!!

It's a difficult time between being a kid and an adult.

Challenges: to learn to like and accept yourself, learn about yourself and the world, find your place in the world, learn to make friends and find people you connect with...

Advantages: energy, enthusiasm, idealism of youth... As a teen 'everything is possible' sometimes, there are soo many options still in front of you!!

PS Feel free to post here even if you don't feel so awesome right now... You probably ARE anyway, even if you don't feel like it!!
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It's great that everybody is so accepting here. Teenagers don't get much respect in everyday life. I don't mean to generalise but from my experience, ageism is often overlooked but a terrible problem. Thank you, Feathers!!
You mean like when the title of a thread automatically excludes everybody above a certain age?::p:
I'd like to point out a thread for over 30's, which, if a thread is made for each age group, is not discriminatory at all. And also, teens are the most scarce of the members on this site, hence a thread solely for that age group will be the most helpful.



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Yeah, there are other threads for different ages... :) Well, I remember how difficult it was to be a teen - some things can be so stressful (school, exams, grown-ups, etc), some things can be kinda taken for granted or not understood... I was feeling misunderstood or not understood/listened to by family and people around me a lot of the time too... (I still do sometimes, ssh!!)

It's also an exciting age with many new discoveries etc & a lot of resilience and flexibility!

mmmm - I think every age has specific issues and challenges - and advantages too :)
So it's good if people within that age range can connect and share experiences

Older people can post here too I guess, to share any specific insights about their own teens or what they would have done differently... We can learn a lot from each other... This forum is multigenerational and friendly to all ages... Let's keep the posts encouraging & supportive ideally!! :)

I'm hoping this could be a safe space for teens to express their worries or discoveries or fun adventures too!! :)
And to get to know interesting other teens and maybe friends...


I do tend to give teens too much crap. I guess I forgot what it was like back in those days.


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RB - Well, I'm sure many people here count themselves as 'Forever Young' (or 'Forever Punk' :)) so post away!!

They'll kick you out if they won't like you anyway?? hehe
same rules apply as in other similar threads: be supportive and put a disclaimer re:your real age, I guess??

lol mmmm, sometimes it's difficult to tell online! :)

Pips, yeah, sometimes it's easy to forget things, especially if some of them were maybe kinda traumatic :) (hope not!)
For anyone still or again living with parents (or weird roommates), the insanity of it all can come back quickly!!

Care, actually that article is pretty interesting (though the language is a bit, hmm, immature...? :rolleyes: ) But it's actually a very helpful article, even for people older, in their 20's or 30's.... Some interesting insights there... (If anyone's easily offended don't read though... I think Coyote could maybe write for that site though.. Hey, maybe Coyote writes for that site already?? huh??!)

Gosh, maybe we started this thread too seriously... I think some teens may be afraid to actually post here - hmm?? Teens, where are you??
I'm pretty certain there are way more than have dared to post here!! (Or maybe do they all secretly want to be 30+?? or 40+ &fantastic?? hmm!!)


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haha TTT, great to see you here!! :) It's about teens and being a teen - do you like it, do you hate it, do you want to grow out of it (or be there back again)? :)

I sometimes wish I would be 19 again, it was one of the best year's of my life :)
Of course I'm smarter and wiser now, but sometimes being young and stupid has its advantages :D

umm, that was a definite compliment somehow, lol - though it looks very strange!!
Sometimes by knowing too much and overthinking one can slow things down and knowing less can actually be an advantage!!
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old folks invading this thread...might as well join in. since im just a big kid. im gonna go play xbox now and yell for my mom to cook me some dinner.


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Great thread Feathers. :) Yeah I'm not feeling too awesome right now at all, but you insisted that even if we're feeling that way we should post here, so that's what I'm doing.

It's great that everybody is so accepting here. Teenagers don't get much respect in everyday life. I don't mean to generalise but from my experience, ageism is often overlooked but a terrible problem.
^ I totally agree.


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I'm 19, arguably not as much of a teen as other ones here.

Eh... I'm reluctant to agree that I'm awesome, as well as the idea that being a teen can be great. Maybe just not in a good mood now or something. I feel like high school was really just a waste of time, or that I wasted it. Either way, doesn't matter.
I'm 17 and about 4 months away from turning 18. I guess you could say that I'm one of those typical teenagers that hates the world and thinks most people crawled out of their mom's p**** just to come into my life and crash it and all that stereotypical teen angst. I also take life waaaay too seriously for my age, especially with my SA, and I know I'm going to have a lot of regrets in the future when I'm an adult because of it. All this insecurity is coming from my trying to detect my faults and correct them. After reflecting on myself like this, I realize that my trying to "perfect" myself is only frustrating me and depriving me of the happiness every teen should be able to experience.

We're young, we have so much to live for, and it is very difficult to live life as a teen with SA. Joining this forum and discovering all the various personalities here has helped me see that there are people worse off than me and that I should always be grateful for what I have and who I am, even if I can't accept who I am right now.

I'm not an awesome person, especially right now, and that's why I hope I can overcome my SA someday and be able to be a normal person who won't hold herself back from enjoying life because she's making herself think that this world is such a s***hole with no hope when there is still hope.

Most people probably think I'm just rambling about my life right now and yeah I ramble A LOT haha but I hope somebody, ANYBODY, was at least able to see the message in my words.

Being a teenager shouldn't be about being little miss perfect or the one with the most friends or the one with the hottest boyfriend/girlfriend. It should be about trying to find meaning in your life, making something of it, and enjoy being young overall! Time flies and we're not getting any younger so have fun while you can. That's a lesson I still have to learn, and hopefully that every other teen here with SA can eventually learn themselves.


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Really good post, Malice!! :)

It's typical to not be able to appreciate the age you're at - that's partly why I started these threads... :)

Each age has some really good benefits though: as a teenager, you're not expected to earn a living (most often), and you're usually given 'full service' by caregivers ('mama hotel' :)) Though you may not really like it, due to particular issues or feeling lack of 'control' too...

There's a lot of pressure put on teens, to look like in fashion magazines etc. (at 30+ it's easier and more 'expected' that you don't look like a fashion diva, except if you work in fashion-related industries or PR/advertising etc) or to live the 'in' lifestyle... (which is a random ideal of advertising industry mixed with expectations of parents, educators and peers and some Hollywood and MTV insanity to boot)

I really like what you wrote about creating a meaningful life and learn to enjoy being young/whatever age you are!! :)
Wishing you lots of luck with this!!