Are some people just born lucky?


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I believe some people are. I've known of people who aren't particularly nice yet have everything they want and everything seems to go right for them. They're popular, go on exotic holidays, everything they do goes right and nothing seems to go wrong for them.


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How nice/mean were these people?

I think you only have to be nice to the right people, to a certain degree, and only a certain amount of the time, to get popularity, money, etc. Niceness is only one part of it.

With holidays/vacations all you need is money.


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I'm tempted to think so too. We don't get to choose which families we're born into, much less which country or which date. And, we all know that genes and environment determine what type of person we'll turn out to be, to a large extent.

But let's not try comparing ourselves to other people. Because all of us are so different, it would be like comparing apples to oranges. Even though we're not born into favorable circumstances, we could try making the best of our situation.


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It's all a matter of luck that any of us are here in the first place. It's another matter of luck that determines the circumstances into which we are born. But I think whether or not a person thinks he or she is lucky depends a great deal on their outlook. There are a lot of things I could complain about in life, but I consider myself to be an extremely lucky person. Maybe I am only truly lucky in that I possess the ability to see the positive side of things.


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Maybe the people you think are lucky feel they're unlucky, and that you're the lucky one. Your outlook determines that.

Having said that, I know a guy who's born into a rich family, has a top-dollar job, and is tall and handsome and seems to have girls all over him, and he's only 23. Is he lucky? Yeah, I believe he is.

I have depression, sexual anxiety, low confidence, and am not tall and handsome. Am I lucky? In a sense, yes. Why? I was born in a first-world country to parents that aren't abusive and a brother who likes me. I think those odds speak for itself. :)


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Of course it's all relative but I think we can all agree that most of us would like to do more than merely survive. We want to thrive and live and experience with freedom and energy. And THOSE are the luckiest people of all. They are able to do it all because it all came together. Good genes/DNA, money, energy, family, friendships, opportunities, mental health. And the thing is that these people usually just keep getting more and more. So YES there are people who were born lucky.