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Hi everyone,
I'm a 37 italian guy (I'm from Monza, northern Italy, near Milan), ....
Excuse me if I've done many mistakes, but I'm italian.

Hi everybody! (it's me or I think only the newbies read this thread? Anyway XD)
I've mutuated from the italian social phobia board, we'll move all on this site in... dunno... 48 hours, so be aware!
Kidding... ehm...
I am just a strange guy with a lot of deep problems that almost anyone can see.
I am a deception master in micro social contexts because I pretty much hate to be labeled in most of ways.
The fact that I am italian makes automatically me a cooking expert so if you need some cooking advice pm me.
(I did too much idiot jokes in this post? And it' not my native language!
Imagine if you were able to read my italian posts! Oh my lucky you..!)
That's it, i'll eclipse myself! :moderator:

Benven....ehm..Welcome to the English forum :applause:


Hi I am new here and feel quite normal until I venture out into the world.
I am very introverted and have a slit social phobia. I am 55 single and have no friends and have been this way as long as I can remember.


hello everyone..new here and im 34. anyways my story started 3 years ago when i almost got married but it did not push through. we still tried to work out our relationship but the damage was just too much for both us. when she left to work abroad that's when i realized i have no friends(not from here, transferred 10 years ago to get away from drugs back home), only family. tried making friends but they either left for another city or country or are heavy users(using again did not help, made it worst). now im more alone, lost and depressed.

i do what i can to occupy my time with the family business, aside from that i have no interests or hobbies. end of the day, i drink myself to death just to forget how my life turned out. people here know me as the broken, burned out alcoholic weirdo. that makes it harder for me to meet girls or make friends. man i hope change will come cause im on my last legs

Man, I hope you can get away from the alcohol. You have to try. I don't suppose I have to tell you all the ways it makes things worse. I know it isn't the magic life cure, I do know that, but it takes a burden off your mind. You don't even realize how bad it is until you dry out. I know you posted a while ago, I hope you're doing okay.


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Hi, I'm not new but I guess I can introduce myself. I've been here for awhile. Changed my name a bit ago. Some probably know who I am still. Most probably don't. When I first came here I came for social phobia yet in recent times I haven't been feeling very phobic. Though that is because I've been taking medication, it helps me.

Still paranoid sometimes. I have schizoaffective disorder. Some schizoid PD. Perhaps a bit of narcissism. I've been self-reflecting on myself for years now and I feel like I've gained a lot of mental fortitude in that time.

I am 21 years old, soon to be 22 in March. I've never had a relationship with anyone. I get lonely sometimes. I live in the states.

I'm planning on going back to college soon but just online classes. I'm planning to get my certificate in medical coding in a year or so and then I will try to get a job in that. Right now I just live with my parents and do nothing all day. For years I did nothing and was an absolute shut-in. Never left the house and was afraid. Though I feel like it's time I try to get back out there.
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Hello everyone!
Since I haven't introduced myself yet, I'm going to do so here now.
I've just turned 19 and have always been a shy girl. In my early teenage years I started to feel lonely although I had a bunch of friends around me. Slowly, I've avoided social situations more and more, lost friends and now I am pretty much on my own. Sometimes I feel lonely and sad, but I tell myself that it's not that bad.
I've been diagnosed with SAD and depression but I've been going on with my life.
Beside my part-time job I volunteer at an animal shelter. At least this way I am able to force myself to talk to people.


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Hey there, I'm new to this website so I will go ahead and introduce myself, because why not. I am currently going to college and also working part time. I like to play video games and rant about current issues. I am very shy and soft hearted and get really easily fascinated with people. I am very open minded and enjoy making friends even though my anxiety can get in the way of that. If you're still reading this, thank you and I hope you have a rad day. :bigsmile:


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Hey guys.
I have been here since yesterday. I'm in my late 20s. My anxiety has started two or three years ago. I had a really good patch in the middle of those years but the anxiety has returned. Its sad for me to feel like this since I cannot do what I want to do with my life.
I'm looking forward into chatting with you!


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Hey guys.
I have been here since yesterday. I'm in my late 20s. My anxiety has started two or three years ago. I had a really good patch in the middle of those years but the anxiety has returned. Its sad for me to feel like this since I cannot do what I want to do with my life.
I'm looking forward into chatting with you!

Welcome to the site, Anna.


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I am Jessica and I have had social anxiety pretty much since the day I figured out other humans aside from my family exist. I have never had a job, I didn't finish high school, I don't drive. I have no friends aside from ones online and people I knew from school but we don't see each other anymore. I'm pretty much dependent on my boyfriend which gets pretty stressful for him. He has to talk to people for me, order for me in restaurants, etc.

I also suffer from separation anxiety disorder. My boyfriend can never leave me otherwise I cry, get angry, get depressed. It kills me and him.

I'm pretty bad at ending these kinds of things but I really hope this forum can be of some kind of help or at least give me some people to related to.


Hello, i am Luciano.
Im 20 years old i live in Brazil and i .... dont know what else to say, oh yes, im shy. Im here to share my thoughts and read yours stories because i havent seen so many shy people in real life its like they dont want to be seen at all lol.


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Hi, everyone
My name is Halym and I am 18 years old.. I love horror movies.. And my favourite food is spaghetti.. I love to read books and go fishing.. I have severe SA and depression... And I am still finding a cure..
I'm 42. I live and work in South Korea. I teach history and philosophy at an international school. I've had social phobia since I can remember. I was always nervous talking to people. I was bullied in school and I used to have trouble even leaving my apartment because I was afraid that people would laugh at me or think there was something wrong with me.

I went to a good therapist when I was about 22 and it helped me a lot. I entered university and made some major changes in my life. I got married 4 fours ago but honestly, I still have the same problem. Although I do things now that I never would have before, I still feel the same inside.As I mentioned, I work at a school and teach history. I don't really have problems speaking in front of students and for the most part I feel like I am an effective teacher. The problem is, teaching is only part of my job. There is a lot of forced socialization with coworkers that goes on at my school. We have regular staff dinners and meetings which scare me because I can't think of anything to say. Coworkers have criticized me for this on a number of occasions. One even said that because I am quiet, nobody at the school takes me seriously. The school principal has even made sarcastic comments about my lack of participation.

In addition to the staff meetings, we are also required take part in "fun" school activities, sports and drama with students. I hate these with a passion because they draw attention to me and being social phobic I feel like I am going to embarass myself.


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Hi all I'm 46 & i suffer from Social Anxiety & Depression, which i have had most of my life. So you could say my schooling was far from a fun place for me. The bullying took its toll on me and made my life hell.

By the time I started High School, music was the only thing that made me feel safe. The only friends that i had, were the singers & bands whose music I loved, not to mention a big fluffy toy dog that i named Rick Springfield.

Since I left school I have tried to get in to a good job & relationship, yet it always fails due to my SA. That in turn just makes me depressed even more. So over the years I have become very good at hiding it. Not only my family & my kids but myself as well.

Now I have a great chance at getting a job, that is my dream. I just have to complete my university course, to get my degree. So I need to get help with my SA, which I hope will help me with my depression.

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Hello. I am a 20 year old with a Social Anxiety Disorder. At least, that what my diagnosis is by my therapist.
I'm not sure if it's changed now or not.
I was born three months early and as a result, I was sick a lot as a child.
I had (and still have, I suppose) Asthma.
I had constant panic attacks as a child because I was constantly sick and was terrified of being sick again.
I even woke my parents up almost every night freaking out.
I stopped that when I realized how much my constant disturbance at night would bother them.
I panicked every night to myself after that.
I often didn't do well in my classes in elementary school because I was afraid to stand up and speak to the teacher.
I gradually got better at this as time went on.
But, with those small victories I had, more problems arised.
I gradually stopped going to friends houses in middle school and high school. I only left the house for school and nothing else. I hated school, but it was a requirement.
I had less and less friends and social interactions
outside of school as the years went on.
Eventually, my anxiety got so bad, I resorted to hiding in the school bathrooms everyday instead of going to class.
I went to my first therapist in the middle
of my high school years but, it never really helped.
I couldn't communicate my problems, which meant an hour of silence after school every other day or so.
I quit therapy after I realized it wasn't working.
Near my senior year, when I was hiding in the bathrooms for hours on end, I went to a different therapist and got medicated.
The medication helped keep the edge off my panic attacks but, I still stayed pretty dormant with my social interactions.
I didn't go out even though my anxiety was a bit better.
I stayed on that medication for four almost five years and didn't progress much.
I lied about my condition to my therapist because I couldn't find a way to tell him how I really felt.
I still don't entirely understand it myself.
Eventually, I decided I didn't want to be dependent on medication and weaned myself of off it and never went back to my therapist.
Currently, I have been working for a little more than half a year but it's been really tough.
No one at work knows I have an anxiety disorder and I can't find the courage to tell them I do.
I'm afraid of how they would react.
However, the more I work, the worse my anxiety seems to get.
I struggle everyday not to pass out while I'm working because of my extreme panic.
It's hard but, I don't know what else to do.
I don't want to got back on my medication because it didn't help much anyways, even at the highest possible dosage I could take.
It also had horrible side effects that I didn't want to continue to experience.
And I really just want to quit my job but I'm terrified if I do I'll never be able to get another job again.
So… that's pretty much where I am now.
I have no idea how to handle this.
I'm tired of my anxiety.
I'm tired of not having a life and not being able to control my panic attacks.
If anyone has any suggestions on how handle this, feel free to comment.
I would greatly appreciate your help.


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I don't know if I ever introduced myself. I'm a mid-20's human bean, not feeling so bad anymore but life's still not great. Work especially has been hard because I really hate being competitive and trying to "sell myself", and just want a nice, peaceful life. I had fairly severe social anxiety in the past and have struggled on and off with depression for a long time, and am just starting to feel somewhat normal again. But I'm always afraid it's going to hurt my few friendships or my relationship.


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I never introduced myself. I think I have avpd and ga. I was diagnosed with depression, social anxiety, and ocd by a previous doctor. I was diagnosed with something else by another doctor that I don't feel comfortable disclosing. I don't really have friends but I am trying to make some.


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Hi there!
I'm 35 and have OCD + AVPD. Approximately 4 years ago (while writing my master theses), I started to become more and socially withdrawn, which ended in me staying at my parents and practically shutting myself out of any kind of social life. I've always been introverted and avoided socializing (though I should get an award for my performances infront of others). It went so far, that I decided to get a therapy last year. It helped a little, but now I find myself again infront of a wall unable to go forward. I decided to go back to university (since it was the last time I felt my life had a purpose of some kind) and to find some kind of part-time job, just to get accostumed to meet people outisde of my family and left home to go back to my old city.
Well, my enthusiasm has since left me and I'm again questioning my every move and thought.
Starting new is so much more difficult and frightening than I ever remembered the first time around (I wasn't this unsure of myself and/or frightend).
I'm glad though I found this site to read similar stories and share my troubles.