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    "Do not speak unless spoken to" mentality

    I hate this =( Whether its over the net, talking to friends the majority of the time, or work, meeting someone at a shopping centre et al, I hate starting any conversation. Annoys me shitless, cause I know I want to talk to certain people, but just cant get myself to do it when it comes to the...
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    Are you a calm person except when judged in front of others?

    I am usually a fairly calm and collected person by myself or with friends, but as soon as someone blames me for something I didn't do, or calls me stupid because I did 'something' wrong, I get very angry and aggressive, as if that is the only way I can get through to them that I am not like that...
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    Laughing randomly or nervously.

    Does anyone else here find it difficult to laugh, at a movie? I hardly laugh at tv or movies. On the other hand, I start laughing randomly, in the middle of a conversation, over stupid trivial things. Or when Im trying to sound serious. Its so annoying, I have to bite my lips just to stop it.
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    Today I could hardly talk to anyone at work =(

    At work, if someone did a favour for me, I couldn't say thankyou, if someone said hi, i didn't want to say hi back and the things I was forced to say came out very quietly. I don't know why, but I just woke up feeling the most nervous I had felt in a month. I felt so bad when I cant say...
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    Seeing people you know in Public...

    This is horrible for me. Especially if its a person I know, but arent friends with. If I see someone I know well (eg.Friends or Family) I may talk to them or avoid them depending on the day. If I see someone I know, but don't speak to much and/or havent spoken to for a while, my immediate...
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    Freudian Slip

    Is the possibility of a Freudian slip one of your worst fears in a conversation. Sure is for me. Everytime I speak I worry that I will say something stupid, usually something thats in my thought process. For those who don't know what a Freudian Slip is, from Wikipedia: A Freudian slip, or...
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    A lyric about my problems.

    My social problem at work just continues to get stranger. I can't believe some of the things I do, seriously aye. Here is some lyrics I made, I dunno I havent written lyrics before, probably because I cant sing for shit! Like the monster designed for my despair judgemental, please stop knocking...
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    Overprotecting children is creating more SA.

    Ultimately, the very protective nature of parents today is creating an assassin which is going unnoticed among the well-known problems of today. That assassin is SA. Tuesday, May 27, 2008 The poison in the orchard. Many parents protect their kids from strangers, fearing they will be taken away...
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    Do you feel you cannot turn your ambitions into reality?

    Long(ish) blog entry incoming. Ambition is the second essence of life, the first of course is our psyche. Why is it an essence, do you say? Because without one of them, you are left with nothing. One million times zero equals nothing after all. Your psyche could be fantastic wizardry, but if...
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    I feel like I am in a different world you know.

    I can't seem to connect emotionally and socially with anyone, and while everyone else seems to be thinking of the people around them and their futures, I seem to be in a different place to everyone else, thinking about stuff that is totally insane and crazy. And when I am forced to socialise, I...
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    Just one bad event/ interpretation can ruin my day

    I hate my mind sometimes, because it is so damn brittle. Just one stuff-up/ putdown and you are depressed for the rest of the day. Damn it sucks. For example at work yesterday, my ear caught a conversation where they may of been talking negatively about me. After that I felt sick and wanted to...
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    Ouch.the words Social Anxiety mentioned on tv, family near.

    I was half-watching TV whilst browsing the computer, with my family in the room, and on this show they said the two words I never want to hear with others around, especially my family! Those two words were 'Social Anxiety' Afterwards I went almost immediately to my room and locked my self in my...
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    Walking the walk, but not talking the talk.

    Sunday, May 4, 2008 You can Walk the walk, but can you talk the talk? There is something I have a major problem doing around strangers and it is the simplest expression humanity could come up with, talking. Many SA sufferers have immense ability in certain aspects of life, but they are...
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    Did I just say that? Or did I just think it?

    Anyone constantly worry about this around other people, its one of my biggest fears, saying an unpleasant thought for everyone to hear. Afterwards I never seem sure, and I worry about it, sometimes immensely.
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    How bad is your actual ANXIETY?

    I noticed, reading some of the posts that a lot of people don't suffer a great deal of anxiety (although most exprerience it just a little bit). Is it an integral part of SA? I don't suffer from severe anxiety at all, mainly muscle stiffness, blushing, avoidance behaviour and on a rare occasion...