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  • Yeah now you mention it the whole thing was extreamly inconsistant. I guess they were showing that he does not like to think of himself as he really is. I mean I don't think Don is portrayed as liking himself.

    It's a Czech character, there a cartoon about him but it's all in Czech (or Polish but I don't know that either), I just think he's really cute and a little creepy.
    That story line is so creepy, propper dirty old man stuff. It's not a bad story line though, I think it gets better with each season. Going after his daughters teahcer... He's such a rogue!

    I like the sloth btw :)
    Betty is an anoying charater but I always think no worste then Don morally (though she is very mean to the little girl which puts me off her). I really enjoy how stylosed the show is, I think partly because they always have a different director each season. It's so long until season 6 comes oput on DVD :(
    Just dropping by to say HI. Hope you're doing well! And if you're feeling down just remember that you have a beautiful soul. That's something we SAs can be proud of! :)
    Thank you! I feel the Danbo character captures my personality very well. SA makes me feel like I live in a costume unable to connect with most people. But, deep down inside, I want to.
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