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  • Cool! Tell me something if you finally come! :)
    Not that I know many places, I try to avoid crowds and they are everywhere XD
    Ooooh - the inner workings of twiggle eh? Sure why not, I think it could be quite interesting. I may....comment...perhaps...
    But yes I would love to.
    Well yeah, the weather in the UK is not the best to go to the beach :P
    But really, I know people from Mallorca and they say there are almost more Germans than Spaniards XD
    I won't be out of here for sure for at least a year, and then i will have to find somewhere to live! But if you come here while I'm around I will gladly show you the city =D
    Overthining can easily do that *hugs* I hope you can get over it. I know you are very strong :)
    A lot of people come here because booze is freaking cheap and we treat tourists as gods because they have money and we don't ::p:
    I just named it "Social Phobia Community", I didn't want to get sued by the webmaster :P
    It's a secret group so only you can see it exists and that you are part of it.
    Well, being okay sounds okay, but why not freakingly-amazingly wonderful? PM me if you want to talk more privately, ok? :)
    I'm doing good, I've been studying a lot so now I can relax a bit. Enjoy the summer, doing nothing basically XD
    If you ever want to be part of the new social phobia group, just say it and I will add you asap! =D
    Anyway, how are you doing? :)
    Well you are definitely one of the good ones - you have an air of calmness about you whilst having strong sense of inner resolve - and you ooze intelligence too. I guess what I am trying to say that it's nice to see your posts when you do manage to come on. I hope life is treating you well more or less - don't let the bastards out there frustrate you too much, don't give them that satisfaction - because I hear you. Not sure if its strength or sheer stubbornness - I just do what I feel is right in my heart.

    I hope you had a nice trip too :)

    Just thought I would send you a message - nice to see you posting in your journal again. I admire your articulation and your objectivity - and your attitude toward life.
    A voice of reason, sympathy, compassion and intelligence behind your words.
    It makes me feel hopeful. Hope you are well regardless.
    Thanks, if I could take you with me I would:). We are slowly getting there we are having to tie up a few loose ends before we go but bit by bit.

    Yeah, hopefully you will be alright but it is best to go to the doctor hang in there!
    I read somewhere you had a kidney infection::(: that’s not good *hugs* try to take it easy and get better soon!
    Thank you. You take care:) it’s off to packing
    We’re moving to Maui Hawaii.:D
    That sounds great living a different life sounds adventurous.

    Yeah we have a few months before we move but time flies fast always a lot to do with little time these days.

    Anyway I’ll visit here when I can. I was hoping I could rekindle an interest with the post your voice thread I’m not sure how it will go it’s always good to hear from everyone. I think Graeme was planning to post his soon I hope I haven’t pressured people too much.

    It’s good to have you back.:)
    Awesome! I hope to see all the photos! :)

    You're more than welcome. I understand how trips can be exactly what you need. You've been working hard lately so that's good that you had a good time there.

    No grace period, eh? Straight back to work, haha. The news isn't all good but I'll tell you all about it tomorrow. For now it's time for bed. :) Have a wonderful day/night. :) xx
    You're more than welcome! I'm glad I could help you get over that, and knowing that has made me really happy. It means I've made a bit of a difference. You'll have to tell me all about it!

    I'm okay. There's been news, yeah. Too much to get into right now (past my bedtime here!) but I will message you tomorrow or something on here about all that's been going on. Too much to type into WhatsApp, too, haha.

    Rest up well, my friend! You deserve it. :) x
    Welcome back welcome back welcome back welcome back welcome back welcome back welcome back welcome back welcome back welcome back welcome back welcome back welcome back welcome back welcome back welcome back welcome back welcome back welcome back welcome back welcome back welcome back welcome back welcome back welcome back welcome back welcome back welcome back welcome back welcome back

    :D :D
    Welcome back Twiggle!:) I hope you are feeling good and had a nice time.
    If you get this before you depart, I hope you have a wonderful time, twiggle! Squee, I'm so happy for you!

    You're absolutely awesome and you absolutely deserve this! Enjoy every minute!!

    Thank you it looks like a peaceful place it be good if we could all go but at least I know where to find you :)
    I’m doing well thanks. I have been pretty busy with my studies. I might be moving somewhere soon with my bf future/ fiancé. We are not sure where yet Hawaii is on the list. I hope you are keeping well I enjoy reading your insightful posts.:)
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