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  • I am bad at starting Conversations BUT Sometime I do want to try to talk to somebody so I don`t have to feel alone. So if you every have any get to know question you want to ask me your more than welcome to.
    Thanks I always wonder what tomorrow will bring too. Do you ever feel like your alone like you need someone to talk to ?
    I feel that imagination has a link to us I see good creative things from us everyday. But do see sadness and everyone talking about suicide on this site which bother me. Do you thank about suicide ?
    I love that positive mind set you have about SA. I alway look at My SA as somthing I need to get rid of in stead of somthing that you have to accept. One thing that I do know that positive about SA is that everyone who seem to have SA seem to be really artistic and creative. which I see that as very positive thing. what about you do you thank you have a over active imagination ? My mind seem to be playing movie in my head all the time for some reason.
    Hello Twiggle I always read the cool things you say on here so I thought I would say hello to you. My name is Bo I am always trying to see if I can find a cure to SA. How about you do you thank there a cure ?
    Yep! Studying a bit everyday and basically just wasting the rest of the time, but it is good ::p:
    And yourself?
    From this site:
    The Meta Picture
    I just found it and started laughing non stop, they have some hilarious stuff :D
    Cool :eek:
    Um, no::eek::. I didn't watch much of the Olympics. Sports just don't interest me much is all. You said that you were going to dress up like your avatar. Did you have the bottle as well::p:?
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