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  • Facing chaos. My summer has been uneventful, unfortunately. It's almost over though. Wish I could have gotten a job though. Oh well, maybe I'll get one on campus this time. But, no more complaining from me:)!

    I can see from your posts that your romantic life is starting and stopping. How is it now? If I may ask?
    Good evening, mademoiselle:). It's been an extremely long time since we've spoken (about five months if I'm reading that last message of mine right) and so I'm here pestering you to see how you are::p:.
    i like your avatar :) Alice in Chains is truly amazing... I love the album Dirt the most... Almost listened to it non-stop for the past year...
    Is photography the only area that you see yourself working in.For me it took along timr to find the area I wanted to spend my life working in and I'm studying towards it.I definetly want to be a gardener but in the past I have wanted to work in admin,carpentry,accounts.Too much choice can lead to confusion sometimes.
    Hi.It makes sense to be prepared for life after study.Have you had a passion for photography for a long time or is the interest a new one? Life is more wothwhile,fun when you fine the things that interest you deeply.I have a strong interest in nature,reading,art,listening to music.They are some of the positive things in my life that counter the bad things.
    Ah good luck with homewwork! It sucks when you think you can rest some time and then you realized that... well, that you're ****ed with school XD

    I'm okay, I guess, can't complain.
    A degree involves a lot of hard work.You should feel proud of yourself for sticking with it.From personal experience I know that anxiety can make studying a lot harder.What are you planning to do when you finish?
    You're going to do it in the morning or the afternoon? I'd hate for something like last time where you couldn't get your camera or something on that level to happen to you again.
    Don't be like me::p:! It's nice to put stuff off and relax, but don't lose perspective, okay:)? Take today off and relax; you might find the energy to go do it tomorrow.
    If you do choose to go to Starbucks, you don't have to spend any money. I go to the Starbucks on campus to read my books; it gives me a chance to get out of my dorm::eek::. Maybe you could go to do your homework:). As for your homework, maybe you could give yourself an incentive to do your work. Like "you can indulge in a guilty pleasure if you get done with X% of homework":). Or we can continue to talk like this:).
    I'm happy this place exists for you too:). But, is there a place that you want to go? Tell me what you'd like to do right now.
    Hi.Walking is a good form of excercise.It feels good sometimes to work up a sweat.It can help to clear the mind and give you time to work things out.What are you studying.I do a Gardening course part time?
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