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    Six reasons why many people with SA have trouble getting over it

    Can't argue with this except I think to not to compare oneself to others is kind of like asking not to breathe, its hard-wired. Trying to channel that into admiration to keep improving, its an ongoing never-ending effort I guess.
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    How much of you social anxiety is linked to appearance?

    Just wanted to reach other to others and see if anyone else is feeling the same way. For a long time I explored the root reason as to why I have increasingly severe social anxiety and finally accepted it was due to my appearance. When I was a young kid, I was considered cute. I'd get endless...
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    Stressing me out badly, am I in the wrong here?

    Long story short, my boyfriend discovered his vehicle registration number is not legally under his name and government workers messed up three time in giving him the forms and procedures to fix it. He finally got the right forms, but it'll take 3-5 weeks to get through and if he drives within...
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    Any girls/women here who just feel like a freak?

    I dislike fashion, dyeing my hair and I rarely wear makeup. I have mostly done this because of the constant pressure from my mom growing up to be more feminine but lately have been rejecting it. When I go into a store, I go straight in to get what I want and get out quickly. I dislike browsing...
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    Anyone feel opening up about problems doesn't help?

    Maybe I'm just having terrible luck or its my personality, but almost every time I reveal something a bit more personal about myself to friends or family, particularly over depression or social anxiety, it doesn't end so well. There's this general reaction of bewilderment or some half-hearted...
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    How do I handle this dilemma in my social group?

    A new person has been kind of invited/forced his way into my online group of friends and it has divided us into two. We're all into online gamers and share struggles with social anxiety, but we've known each other for years and I've been trying break down the defensive walls I've built over the...
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    Feeling ignored...need to vent. =(

    I came home from my U.S vacation today, was really wonderful seeing my long distance partner, but now I'm back home feeling lonelier then ever. I have some online friends...but being ignored by all 4 at once all the time since coming home is a real blow for me. Nobody is asking me anything about...
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    Post what you cannot say

    I love you, but you are dismissive of how I really feel deep down inside. You think because I have no job, I have no right to be depressed and struggling. I put on façade of normalcy to you to keep the peace, but inside I feel soulless and that you never gave me the emotional support I needed...
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    Please give me hope, I'm about to give up

    It's been a looong while since I've posted here, but I feel I need to and I would appreciate some advice. Since I was 13, I've feared failure and especially feared the negative judgement of others like many can relate to I'm sure. I've relied on family to get a couple of jobs (always out of...
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    How many girls/women here with SP?

    It just seems to be guys here, so I kinda feel like an odd one out. :oops: I'm 21 and had SP for a good 10 years. Before that I was kinda normal. Quiet, but at least I had friends and socialized. Then when I was 10 I started really hating myself. I was frustrated because I couldn't be skinny...