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  • today was better, took my allergy mineral, tablets. Ive heard of cottonwood i believe. you met him in a game room, wow. Yeah I dont expect anything like that to happen cause I dont go in the rooms anymore
    it kinda sucks today cause of allergies so it gets worse. im home today though. Why do you have an American Bf from way overseas all the way over there?
    a head cold sucks, feel better. Let me know if you ever come to NY. Social anxiety still hard. Eve been going to a different kind of doctor called a homeopathical doctor. i dont know really what to do sometimes
    Hi - just wanted to say that I read your post I can relate to much of what you say, especially about selling oneself in interviews, the fear of these holds me back a lot. You've asked for advice, so I'll think about your situation and try to post something useful soon :]
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