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    Working out at the gym

    I find it so embarrassing! I finally bought some home gym equipment. Anyone else find it hard to work out in front of people?
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    Color and Personality

    I found this and think it's interesting. What's your favorite color? Mine is pink. FIND YOUR PERSONALITY COLOR RED is full of passion, energy, and vivacity- kind of like you! You are a risk taker and full of ideas, ready to go at a moment’s notice. You don’t mind getting attention, and you...
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    no smiles?

    When I smile at people most of them get this weird look on their faces like "why the heck are you smiling at me?" What's up with that? Anyone else notice this?
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    My Marilyn Moment

    I went to a party tonight. I was feeling really good about how I was doing,I was mingling,I was talkative,I was cool, and then it happened... The hostess had a giant fan you see,and I, wearing a short sundress,walked near it facing the crowd,up went my dress,and now everyone there knows me...
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    Which expressions do you hate

    I want to hear which expressions bug the crap out of you. Mine: "At the end of the day" "I know right?" "I need to take a breather" "Over it"
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    I've been invited to two parties in the next week! I'm so nervous,but excited. I hope I don't make an ass of myself. ::o:
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    I'm so annoyed

    We just moved to a new state(my husband is in the military so we move a lot) I'm trying to make friends and be friendly with everyone and I think I'm doing well. I don't like having social anxiety and I especially don't like people to know I have it,I feel like people think you are strange and...
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    I just found this place,and hope I meet more people like myself...shy. I've always been super shy,but I'm ok with it,it is who I am, but I feel really bad when some people misunderstand shyness for being rude or snobbish. Does this happen to anyone else? Anyways,I'm glad to meet all if you!:D