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    avoident personality disorder and facebook/myspace

    I have APD and find facebook extremely stressful. I have to work up a massive amount of courage just to add somebody as a friend that i dont know very well... Starting a conversation with anyone other than a close friend is nearly impossible. I guess the only reason i log on to my facebook is...
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    Am i turning into a psychopath?

    Ive always been extremely self conscious and used to have social phobia. Something ive always had and valued was my empathy, my ability to recognize others feelings and try to help them... but lately my mindset has been changing and im honestly getting scared. Well, here is a little hind site...
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    I hate labels!

    It seems like where ever i go i get a label... and its never a good one. I used to be known as just a "shy nice guy." which wasnt bad. Then i moved and became the "socially retarded weirdo"... then i got sick of that label, moved out of state and promised myself that i would never be labeled...
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    New/first girlfriend... advice needed

    First off Im a shy college guy and i dont have very much experience with the opposite sex. However that is not the reason why i am here. About a month ago i met this really good looking, generous, smart, athletic girl... She has had a really rough past. She has suffered rape, serious car...
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    two things that have changed the way i view myself

    Two simple things have changed my social life by giving me confidence, you can do it too! Lifting and partying... let me explain. I have been lifting for a solid year now, and i have put on nearly 60 pounds of muscle. Lifting and exercise in general will greatly boost your confidence. As...
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    A need for speed...

    I have a baaaad problem... Im addicted to adderall. For those who dont know what adderall is, its a highly addictive drug used to treat ADD/ADHD. It is made up of four different amphetamine salts. It is comparable and very similar to purely refined methamphetamine. Its speed. The only way...
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    I thought she liked me but she has a boyfriend?!?!? Updated Old Post*

    So i met this girl a couple weeks ago on facebook. She gave me her number and told me to text her... so i did. She asked me to go to a dance with her... Dancing was kind of awkward so i took her back to my dorm to play guitar hero and hang out. For some reason i was able to be myself around...
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    i was positive she liked me... so why is she avoiding me?

    delete delete.......................................................................................................
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    Is there something wrong with him... part 2

    This is going to be hard to write without sounding judgmental, but i want to help him out... A while ago i made a post about one of my friends. Well any ways, i have spent a little more time around him and im still not sure if he has a disorder like autism, but he is really different. He is a...
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    Mixed messages

    There is this girl who sits behind me in one of my classes and she is also on the track team. She used to have a crush on me, but that was when i was really depressed and kind of messed up in the head... so i blew it. Anyways she is in my baking class and i want to make friends with her (not...
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    I finally got a date!

    I finally did it! Thank god for myspace lol... we are going to go watch a movie tomorrow night (friday).
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    I just did something... and i cant believe that i just did it, lol

    A few months ago there was this girl that really wanted to get to know me but i was really shy around her because she is really hot, lol, so she got annoyed and gave up on me. Even though we still make eye contact a lot, she has basically ignored me (probably because she thinks im boring cause...
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    The world without religion?

    I have been pondering, what would the world be like if religion was never invented/created? Almost every war ever fought was based on disagreements with religion, so would the world be more peaceful? Or would the world be complete anarchy with no rules or morals?
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    Self medication

    I read that only 30% of people do drugs/alcohol to get "high". The other 70% use drugs to escape depression, stress, and reality. I feel that we (SAD) are especially at high risk for drug abuse. I've never used any illegal drugs (ive never even smoked a cigarette or have been drunk), but i...
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    What do we have to lose?

    The main reason why i am so nervous when i talk to unfamiliar people (mainly females) is because i am afraid of being judged and labeled. So yesterday i was thinking and i realized that i have absolutely nothing to lose. I started conversations with 6 girls on myspace. I got positive...