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  • Remus you're a cool dude (I was following along the "Adderall?" thread). Happy to have you on the board.
    haha, i thought i was banned last night, it was just the name change!!
    cheers remus, previously known as remus
    hey you! your the expert here, right! how do i change my username :D
    you changed my username and my title, tell me or im going to report you to a "super moderator"
    oh wait thats you!!
    anyway i hope you are well, i have have my problems too, i just try to make light of them. i know some people dont like my humour, but some people do.
    if you have got the time, can you change my username to "FOR REAL" then i could change my "avator" to an ALI G one
    cheers :D
    Hmm...neither do I...

    Well, poop...that just shoots it in the foot doesn't it? X_X
    Hello there Remus, I've found out that you're one of the moderators and I have an interesting proposition for you. Out of my own laziness, however, I refuse to re-type it. You can find exactly what I'm talking about in the off topic section, but basically, I have an idea that I think could really help interconnect the SA community. I think it's at least worth a looksey, but of course I do, because I came up with it. Hopefully this message will spark your curiosity.
    Hey remus!! Yeah I was on here a while back as kitkat but i decided to rejoin. Good to see you here too!
    Hello remus I have dicided that i have too many accounts online and have dicided to delete this one. So I would apricate it if you could delete my account.
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