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  • ...Your love is a dragster wave
    It makes us breathe like two machines
    Flower lust, my hurricane
    You turn my blood into gasoline...
    It's alright.
    It's just the equivalent of a dream.
    Wanna live it up before I jet, though.
    Wanna burn it out.
    Time is running.
    7-8 left possibly.
    Don't need a lot of money.
    Just enough.
    F*ck it.
    ...Break the chains of featherweights and giants
    With the stain forever lasting liars
    They're afraid when we spit out the fire
    And start living, living, living...
    ...Took some steroids and adrenaline
    Finlandia vodka and hallucinogens
    Mixed it with blood and orange juice
    Liquid protein and ice cubes...
    Damn man. No more crashing 3 days. I still haven't fully recovered and it's 3 days since. That 3rd day was too heavy.
    ...But I threw you the obvious
    Just to see if there's more behind the
    Eyes of a fallen angel...
    ...The left they say I'm a facist
    The riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight calling me communisttt...
    ...Just another Sunday yaa
    Just another Sunday oh baby
    It's only one more Sunday
    Just another Sunday, oh yaaa...
    Yeah I know. I said I'd stay away. This website is like a drug. Thought I'd throw in a quick post or two and then maybe jet. May drop in here and there. Hasta.
    Damn this website is depressing. There are some good people here and some funny things that will make you laugh, but overall it seems that the bad outweighs the good IMO - just brings a person down. Is probably best to leave this place. It's been done. Let's go.
    Well I finished the CD last night. I don't look to add to / edit it any further, unless it's really important, then maybe. All I can say is that making it was one big mind-f*ck. Took a lot of time and effort, but am really happy to have it as I need it. Time to become it.
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