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  • haha~ I'm sorry... your cute birdy avatar always makes me a bit hyper.
    I blame it on you, scree.
    Yup, figures most people wouldn't recognize it anyways, and I needed a new (old) one so I just picked one I liked.
    So I just accidentlied about 30 virtual machines' /etc/fstab files v__v;;;;;
    I'm on Twitter right now and in the 'similar to you' section, they are showing me the Travel Wisconsin page. I'm thinking you had something to do with that. ;)
    Hey, I like your blog a lot! I have a Tumblr too, but I haven't used it in months.... Anyway, I'm going to follow you :D
    Stay out of this Deadman! Do you wanna get stab- I mean uh.. hugged to death? (You definitely wouldn't complain about that though, would you? ::p:)

    Okay seriously, now I'm done with the stabbing jokes.

    For the time being...
    You'd better! xP
    Not threatening you or anything, just saying you really shouldn't feel bad about it. Everyone around here seems to have a good sense of humor so there's no harm done.
    That's the spirit! *sneaks up behind you and hugs you* Bwaha~ sorry, couldn't resist :D
    I really would give you a hug right now in real life if possible. With absolutely no weapons on me, guaranteed ::p:
    So cheer up~ :)
    Ah D:
    Don't feel crappy! I was just joking around, as I'm well aware you have been since the jokes began. I'm not easily offended ya know :I
    But seriously, don't get the wrong impression. We were both messing around so let's just put this all behind us and start anew as fellow SPW compadres who aren't plotting to kill each other, okay? :) ::p:
    Haha no, you didn't. No worries. I am kind of hurt though *Sniffle* ::(:

    ...Ahem. That's your cue to come over and hug me at which point a sneak a knife out of my pocket and stab you >D

    Damn it! I don't see coyote around much anymore. I'll have to amp up the annoyance levels. After all, you folks started it.
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