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  • Thank you, and it's ok. I've just been on an emotional roller coaster lately, and I'm trying my hardest to distract myself from the cause of the pain.
    Ehh. Problems with the family again. The usual BS.
    Nothing, they're just gross. They feast on unsanitary things (poop for instance) and then land on your food where they might leave traces of God-knows-what xP
    Haha sorry about that. My mood's been in the gutter lately, but I assure you that I wouldn't hurt a fly. ...Okay well maybe a fly, but people here are too nice to me for me to ever do anything ::p:
    well there was a lot to read but i believe i read through at least a good 80-85 percent of your blog, and i wasn't bored, i actually had a lot of school-rrlated reading to do, but the way you write is very captivating.
    Long time no talk....just wanted to say i was browsing the site and came across your blog. I really enjoyed reading it, well the non-programming parts i could understand at least.=p I think i got to know you better through reading the questions you answered than from all this time i've spent (used to spend) in spw. You really are a very intellectual/interesting person to say the least. Hope you keep posting.
    Well, I posted several replies on your tumblr, but for some reason only one shows up, maybe only one allowed per user? It’s odd since it says “3 notes”, oh well…I’m a tumblr noob. In case you can’t read it all either, I’ll answer here as well:

    “I'm quite rusty at this, and maybe I'm misinterpreting the concept of what you want to do, but, I believe you should declare a pointer instead of an array with a predetermined size. Like

    struct block ***newSB;

    Also, I got curious about your i,j ,k. They seem to be of a different byte size than a normal integer.

    Also, and as I said, I didn’t program in quite some time, I think you actually need to declare that pointer in the ‘return’, like:

    struct superblock *ptr;
    return ptr;

    Or, maybe you could return the address &newSuper right on the return“.

    ...Or maybe I'm totally wrong about everything and should have just shut my trap ::eek::
    yes its good to know low level stuff and by all means you should do those sort of things if you have the time and eagerness to learn it. its good at shaping your understanding.
    but if not for learning purposes, things should not be more difficult than they have to be. :p
    nothing i every finished. i have a tendancy to play around with different things. i have tried different engines before. even created my own engine. i just like to know how things work. i am more likley to make tools that make game making easier than actualy make a game itself.
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