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  • yep definitely. 30 virtual machines that belong to various research groups. i didn't leave work until I fixed them xD (~7PM). BUT I managed to fix all of them. Make your life easier, when partitioning your system, if you're only going to have 1 on the drive, don't partition using LVM.
    30 important virtual machines? Ones that might like to boot up again and know where to find their file systems?
    I'm a college student at the moment, so most of what I do is just experimenting. Mostly in C, occasionally Java.
    Yeah, thanks for telling me, I didn't notice because it was just edited XD
    Anyway now I see you're making new posts, so keep it up! :D
    Shameless self-promotion :rolleyes:
    Just kidding, looks like an interesting thread :D
    But you could try to post all things separated instead of editing, when you edit your post it doesn't show in the new posts list, so we can't see it :p
    Also, it would be easier to follow :)
    That's good to hear, and yeah this site is great! There are lots of nice people here who help each other out and who you can actually relate to. Hope you enjoy your time here =)
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