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  • It's great here, yeah :) Makes me breathe a sigh of relief when I log on and can hear from other people who feel the way I do - it can be so isolating to be around confident, loud, outgoing people all the time and feel apart from them :-(
    Flat ground, it sounds the opposite of Ireland lol, it's just lots of hills here, no big mountains or anything though. Just lots of sheep, rocks, and hills :D Exciting! Yeah, that's what I like about here, it's quiet and pretty relaxed. Do you live out in the country or in a town? I was in America twice with my family, once we stayed in Boston for three weeks, and then two years ago we stayed in a little town in Massachusetts...I think it was called Northampton. I found it pretty boring because we were doing a house swap, so an American family were staying in our house, but their home was a good distance from the town so we were pretty isolated! But we visited New York and Boston. My anxiety was getting worse at that stage so that New York in July wasn't so fun :eek: But I'm glad I saw the place anyways.
    I'm rambling, sorry, haha! Hope you're having a good day! :)
    Yeah, it's cool talking to people on here, everyone seems really friendly and understanding, it's a shame more people aren't like this in real life! :-/
    Yeah, everything's going ok, if I could just get my anxiety in order now, lol. Hopefully over the summer I'll have lots of free time to get better. Planning on looking for a job so hopefully I'll be able to do that and be around people more that way. We shall see!
    I'm from Ireland, on the west coast right on the Atlantic ocean, tiny city called Galway. I love it here! It's pretty relaxed, and the university is here so about a quarter of the population are all students, so that's cool, it's more fun and I'm less anxious around people my own age anyways. I live at home with my family at the minute, but I really wanna move out next September...that's why I gotta find that job :rolleyes:
    What's oklahoma like?
    heylo! i've been really good with working out the last week, i've worked out the last three days in a row, did two pretty intense ones yesterday and the day before so i'm chillaxing today ::p: Guna try and do a good workout either 5 or 6 times any more. Also did a good lot of study yesterday, so I guess I'm on top of everything, haha! :D
    Where are you from? Somewhere in America? I think I read it before but I don't remember ::eek::
    Yay, it's biceps thursday! *dances*
    I hope it's going well for you, lol. I'm going to do some skipping later methinks, and some general strength training i guess. I saw your pics, you look great! I'm looking to lose about 20pounds so you're my inspiration now ::p: You were able to lose all that weight and you look great, so I can lose 20pounds...or else! :rolleyes:
    Good job on going back to college! I went back in January too. Go us! Woot :)
    Talk to you soon!
    Cool, do you go to the gym a good bit? I work out at home usually, I've an exercise bike and skipping rope, and I do some strength training and some kickboxing aswell for cardio. Not all at once though, lol :D
    I got the notes from the class I missed online, so I'm happy out..only two weeks of classes left and then just studying for's going pretty good though!
    What are you studying? What happens after cardio Monday? bicep Tuesday? :D
    Howdy! I'm good thanks, and how are you? Sitting at home for the day cos I didn't go in to college this morning, gotta study for the day though :rolleyes: My exams are coming up in a few weeks, eek!
    So you are you this fine day? :)
    Good on you, i saw the picture you put up of the before and after, and you have done so well, i have no doubt you'll carry on until you're happy with your weight! I wish i had your determination...i always give up to easily lol
    oh gawd yeah i would love so many things to magically change over night, i'd be so happy if that could happen lol I'll be good at the gym i think, i work out at home but i always find something to distract me, but at the gym i'll have to concentrate on the machines and stuff, so that's good :)

    Yaaaaaaaay for money, you're so lucky you'll be able to go on a shopping spree now, i love buying new's like therapy for me hehe
    don't you dare let yourself get down, you've done so well already, and if you keep at it you'll do even better, you'll be at your perfect weight before you know it :)

    And thanks for the wishes, i'm really up for joining a gym now, i don't need to lose weight i just want to tone up to make me feel better, and i will stick in there, i always give up before things get too hard, but this time i'm determined to see it all the way through to the bitter end lol

    Hey how did yesterday go? did you get spoiled rotten? hehe
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