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  • Countdown to J + S Love 4Ever | The specialest day

    i hope u liked it ,this is what i want more than anything that this day can arrive the sooner and hey before u said about the cool place...i cant wait =P and i wont forget! =P so u better bring me there ^^

    first this..


    u smart ass making me ride when there is the climbs and lifts xD u enjoying it huh? but well later ill take my revenge =P the tickle revenge =P so there u have..


    lols well maybe not that bad but still u got the point =P and then..


    im sure u rember it ^^
    I just wanted wish u a good morning and if u are that kind to prepare me a cake or my yummy breakfast u know in according to mayas calendar...today is my bday! (lols sorry coudlnt find a better excuse =P its morning for me too! ^^) anyways thats something for u, i bet u will like it ^^ and this is something i want that Nala&Simba would do this summer ^^ they gotta find something similar and i just hope they wont fall of xD lols

    and btw i guess after this Kiara&Kovu will continue ^^ xD well u know what i mean =P take care my sweety fairy , we wont give up , we will do it <3
    anyways i just putted some ice in the fridge i wanna prepare something cool ^^ and the cat of my neightbours just came in i guess he wants some ice? this-->


    i jsut hope his tongue wontget sticked there
    ofc i do remember ^^ the run run runnnnn the first time i hear it wanted me to go out and run to JUtSULand even just with my pijama xD and about the other one well deep lirycs and they r really "epic"^^

    Sonata Arctica - The Misery - YouTube

    i want this to happen at nokia ^^ with our cool "micros" =P and well holding ur hand...and later who knows xd lolz well u do!!! =P
    AMV Kushina & Minato - Your Guardian Angel - by Cardino96 - YouTube

    I'll be always at ur side , ikuisesti<3
    i'm doin alright, how about yourself? that one picture you got with the sketch in the background, where you learned how to draw like that?
    you like that picture? it's the only one i have that i'm sorta smiling in haha. iw as trying to get it to be my profile picture but i don't know how to change it. anyway, did you write that poem in your signiature? it's very good.
    Nothing special about it! Heh. Thank you, though. That's very sweet of you. :)
    “Tanti auguri a te...Tanti auguri a te....Tanti auguri my Fairy...Tanti auguri a te....^^”

    I hope ur ears today arent feeling that good sine i just sang the happy birthday to u in italian =p anyways i wanted u to wish a soo nice day in this specialest day remember that from now u have to be carefully to all ur actions , girl , u know if u keep being a rebel girl u might go to the jail from now =p lolz xD but no worries that much since i know that if u go there some “officer” will “save” ur ass xD well u know what i mean ^^ right now im at univ i ve prepared u some surprise for later =p well u will see have a sweet day baby<3


    ~ur AngeL
    The story begins in a foreign land far far away .... haha, no no of course not.

    Was heading out camping and a military surplus store popped out ahead of us on a long stretch of barren road. So we stopped in. And that's where I found my Russian hat. Still have it.

    I know, not an amazing story. But I could make one.
    ill be thinking in u being with my soul and spirit there at ur side as always =) just think that its someting that can help and bit by bit get it out from u and it will make u feel a bit better also i wanna know how went ^^ so keep me updated =) oh we have also to finish a very very deep massage...from the last time u remember?lolz xD take care Baby sorry the lessons are going to start i ll rush to class xD but before of anything i wanted to write u this few lines because i always care of u in this will never change<3

    ~ur AngeL (and massager too ^^ jk but i want my rewards too lolz xD)
    Baby i ve missed u for few minutes =| i ve wrote u on the forum but i think u left already anyways im going back to lessons again grrr luckly is the last one for today well ill try to connect when ill be at home but ill be very late =( btw i wanted to tell u good luck for tomorrow(i make confusion with tuesday and thrusday i hope its right xD)i know u dont feel 100%comfy with her but still try to take the more advantage u can from it , maybe as i told u the last time u could try to write down something that i have to tell so u wouldnt feel too holded , i know its not easy baby but also i know u can make it =)
    but the same i wanted let u know that even if i was ****ing tired and was keeping to with my hands make my eyes open lolz i wanted the same stay a bit with u , so sorry if i wasnt maybe as other times . i hope ur tomorrow appointment will go good and u can open a bit more to nursey , no matter what will happen and no matter how will u treat me or how big there will be the problems just know that ill be here for u always , my DeliSushi<3
    Im sorry for today that u went away from me in this way , i dont really know that much what happened , its my fault that i maybe "killed " the intimacy moment with the song but that was just because i felt do make u listen this lyrics when u made me saw the pic of that boy and girl with the wedding dress , i tought it would have make u happy but maybe i did wrong , when there is a problem is not good to go away like that in my opinion , things and problems have to be faced , its normal that somtimes there can be some misunderstanings and even more throw a chat . its my fault also because i was feeling soo damn tired before when i come back from univ i get connected for stay with u because i wanted so bad spend some of our wonderful time (yeah thats how i call it) even if was like 30hours i didnt sleep because i was studying yesterday all night long so i wasnt brilliant maybe as other times
    anyways ill be studing all the night xD starting from now, i need to talk with my baby i miss u too much =( i hope u are doing good and i wanna also know how is going with the appointment ^^ plz let me know i wanna know everything of my baby<3 here are exactly 22.55 pm so in a few it will be midnight over there i wanna send this message exactly at mid night because i wanna be exactly in time to wish u this :


    |-| @ P P ÿ \/@ ]_ £ |/| -|- ï |\| £ Mÿ F @ ï ® ÿ

    ~ ur AngeL (Valentine lolz xD)
    Hey baby u have still ur box full xD i wanted to be in the exactly time in writing this message but i didnt know about the full box so it shifted a bit sorry =( anyways that was the message:
    i ve just awake yeah its almost 23 pm lolz xD because i was all night long studing xD i returned in the afternoon and just connected and checked if u were online and then i falled as a zombie in the soft warm bed ( yeah u have to try my bed<3 its awesome ^^) anyways just wanted to say u thanks for ur support of this morning , exam it really helped a lot =) and was not taht bad the exam i think the problem is that there is a opening test of 20 questions and if u fail more than 2 , u are out lolz yeah the lazy teacher use this method for not effort his lazy ass because he correct the exam of only who pass this test xD well open it went good tomorrow there are the result of the opening test i think and tomorrow i ve another exam lolz , yeah it sux but thats how is it
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