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  • again the noob char limit =\ anyways here there is the second part:
    idk i just had a weird feeling like if i already lived this moment maybes thats because we are goingback as the "old times" lolz and even better ^^ i just feel too good with ya =) btw tomorrow before u leave make my cell buzz ill try to wake up and connect for say u bye and stay a bit tohgeter at least ^^ now im going to sleep a bit ^^ take care sweety u should be deep in ur dreams well i just send u a big hug for make u have even sweeter and bestest dreams possible , oh i just remebered that u still have to tell me the ur dream of the ohter time in which i was =P lolz ^^
    im trying to make the most wonderful surprise ever for my baby ^^ i hope u will love it , im putting all my careness &<3 on it =) everytime i think in u reciving it and imagine ur smile mine start to smile too lolz xD i know its weird buts that how is it =P anyways yes i remembered about that u was thinking on go to ur dad house to visit and im happy for u , enjoy it baby =) ill be studying hard because my exams are incoming next week since tomorrow will be like hell for me lolz but still i need to make it ^^ today i mean yesterday since its a bite late/early xD was very nice our talk i like that fact that want to share the most things possible i thnk thats the right way =) the idea we had was just soo good ^^ i wanna have more of them and make them all with ya =) so be ready and well u know what i mean too...lolz xD
    mmm ok i promise is the last one now lolz xD 5/5 i hate this character limitation, sorry for the big long message

    just take it more easy live day by day trying to live it without being too negative and trying to get as much better as u can . i want u have ur life back because u deserve it and btw ill be there for support u never forget it so baby keep be ready for this summer =) i will make u smile everysecond ^^ so keep trainign ur mouth muscles =P idk if they will be strong enough to handle that much smiling and good time ^^ ill be eating cakes for train them lolz xd ^^ well hope that this my lil message can make u understand how important u are to me and can give u a bit more of hoping , for anything im here never forget it , i send u a great bear hug ^^ take care baby i miss ur smile miss u Deli
    okay its needed the 4/4lolz sorry ^^

    so Susanna try to see the positiveness in the things go more out with ur friends and try to distract ur mind in every way u can , ive read on the forum that u r reading carrie of stephen king thats pretty scary xD maybe when we are togheter this summer we try to watch a horror film lolz xD we will see who will be more scared =P btw the point is that the more distract u are in the things u like and the less time u have to think in bad things , this really helps and well this summer if u will want we will spend an unforgetteable one we will even knock the santa house lolz xD yeah we will make our xmas letter in summer ^^ and well whatever it feels to do ,
    that should be the thrird part 3/3

    i wish this can give u the hope u need and that we need to have a better future , also i wish that ur new cognitive therapy can work better but never give up , if u start to lose the hope and the will then thats wrong i wanna be that stick for u that when u are falling im there for support u and raise u up , dont have any doubt about it , i can be silly stupid and whatever but one thing im sure i do care soo much about u and this will never change , i ve seen many special things in u , i know u dont see them but i do and i wish u could see throw my eyes maybe one day u will be able and ill make my best for make u . btw dont give up baby i believe in u , u need to believe in ur self , im sorry if im not that much more of support but this is all i can do ill never be tired of supporting u or of tell u how much i believe in u because it is what i really think ,
    i think i wrote i lot xD well this is the second part 2/3 i think

    i dont know if u love me or not , also i dont know if u love u , i dont love myself either but this summer i wanna u get clear ur feelings and whatever ill be for u i just wanna u know that i wont leave u alone , i didnt when u was feeling bad in past , i didnt today and i wont do it in future , u can be sure of this because i want the best for u and ill give u my support , always , ill come to finland this summer if u will want we can meet and go to our JUtSU land this will be up to u, i wish really much to start living my life and i wish also do it with u going nice places make what it feels even dancing on the wii pad lolz xD ( i know u r training but dont worry baby ill give u a challenge in some how ^^ we also need to sing or at least try =P ) well u know all the things we want to do ,
    well u still have ur message box full so ill write here..Hey Susanna , i am writing u this message because today i felt u was very down, i know its not any easy to get better , i know everything seems just to be out of place and that its easier to lose the hope and feel down than have some faith and hope and smile , but the same im still here for support u and try my best for turn ur bad smiles and good ones , i will never leave u alone , ill do all what i can do from where i am , i wish do more and im sorry if i cant right now but the same i dont give up it would be easy for me just forget and leave u but thats not me and i really care a lot about u and i ll never do that , everytime i make u remember about the summer is because i think it can give u a lil more hope and because i really want a new start and that u can heal
    oh i ve just found a funny pic ^^ here there is :


    when i first saw it i tought that maybe this pad is for 2 ppl so for us ^^ but its kinda hard to manage it they miss 2arrow xD but still i think will be fun lolz we might get tied on eachother or fall or what ever xD haha we must give it a try =P btw when u call me like that u know my lackness =P <3 well u know what i mean ^^ thanks my pretty baby well i almost wrote a poem lolz sorry but i just miss u too much =P i cant stop to imagine we dancing on this pad lolz xD too funny ^^
    ah btw which color u want? well i pick the blu one so which one u pick?lolz xD jk ^^ btw actually my room is kinda orange with a cool box effect on the floor that is yellow , u must see it xD so idk ^^
    the demn message limit grrr we need to protest for take it off xD lolz anyways here there is the second part

    about exercising yeah indeed it helps a lot im exercising too making push ups abs and basket it does help i feel a bit ebtter with my self , i just imagined u in the pad dancing ^^ wow thats pretty<3

    thanks for all ur energy and the strenght i have recived them all and i didnt even miss anyone of ur hugskisses <3 xD i wanna hug u tight =) well baby i was writing to u for tell u that i always think in u =) so for anything im here and hoping the appointemtn will be good u must tell me after =P swhuggss for ya that stay for sweet hugsx lolz idk how is slept or if is even possible to spelt it haha but still here there is for u , u know what i mean ^^ im going to make some exercises and studying and eating cya soon my Fairy<3
    Well sometimes can happens that u dont get the result u expected but if i dont study enough then its kinda obv that u dont get them lolz and this was my case of the last exams.. =\ but yes in 2 weeks i have the next 4 exams and i will (this time really) study hard yesterday i studied what i planned so its okay now and next days i must keep in this way and yes ill need ur support too ^^ im happy u were a bit better , and right now its 1am in JUtSu land so u sould be at ur appointment , i hope it will go good , ask and tell everything u feel without worries and anyways im here for u too <3 =) Im missing u a lot too =\ so yesterday u took the pad wow!! thats great , i need to train in dance too lolz i dont wanna get beated by u =P ill give u a challenge baby dont worry ^^ at least ill tie u so i can win lolz jk ^^
    i was writing to u a message but it said ur box is full and for somehow i lost the message lolz xD well ill try to remember and write it here ^^ i wanted to know how is going? im a bit sad because idk if u remember but i had 2 exams and they didnt go as i expected i mean i deserved the result to be bad because i didnt study enough as i should had =\ i need to grow and be more responsable i dont wanna disappoint anymore i have 4 exams remaining on 13/2 14/02 16/02 and 24/02 february i ve made a plan of studying and i just finihsed studying yeah its soo late or soon depending on the point of view lolz but i made it at least the first day ^^ thats y im feeling a bit better . well hope u are doing good i miss u , probably u are sleeping right now well ill watch over uin ur dreams <3 =) take care baby hope to talk u soon
    Hey Deli(soon u will know y that name xD).. i was waiting u today but maybe u got busy well anyways i hope u had a nice day =) i miss u i need to tell u and that u tell me many many things well u know ^^ and u still need to give me the pancakes with the jamon that finished lolz xd anyways i wish u a nice day for anything im just here when u will need never forget it


    thats another snapshot of a part of JUtSu land <3 we could make something like that xD hope to talk u soon and btw first of all think in get better ill be at ur side in good and bad moments never forget it
    Baby..i just finished to play basket , here its all dark lolz demn my feets and hands are hurting a bit well not a bit lets say some kinda ****ing lot =P lolz i was making lot of exercises in that way i can get better shape and fly with my wings better with ya ^^ so or we steal the reindeer of Santa or my wings... but since im lazy lets say for now the taxi express lolz but then who knows ^^ btw i would need some massages lolz jk anyways here im dedicating u a song of muse<3 hope u like ^^

    Muse - unintended - YouTube

    hope u can connect soon its soo long we dont stay a bit toghter and ofc i need my massages!!lolz jk^^ hope to c u soon =) take care baby
    i miss u soo much but remember that no matter what ill be always at ur side and im proud of ur strenght as tidus&yuna song says ill be right here waiting for u ^^ miss u soo much
    Hey sweety... i was just seeing some pics of JUtSU land ^^ and well here there are first there is this one :


    there are many lights but i want it can even be more bright with the light of ur smile =) so i wait u ^^ there is this special snow in JUtSU land<3 looking forward to make snowfunnyguys xD and well ofc the snowar =P so be ready for it =) and well i was thinking also about other thing because i want to go a trip over JUtSu land with something like that :


    we could train this xD we might food them with yummy foods so they will beunder our control lolzxD jk anyways if not ill have to open my wings and go with them ^^ yeah that could be even more amazing ^^ well we will see =)
    i was listening at this song before , and it can express some of my feelings ^^ the video its also fun there is even a cars race, one day i wish my car to be tunned =P lolz well before i have to buy one haha thats a lil detail xD but well here there is for u =)

    Basshunter - Angel In The Night (OFFICIAL VIDEO) - YouTube

    and btw about the test yes i ll make them im curious of the results ^^and thanks for the links!! i love when u spoil me<3 lolz =P and btw still waiting my first award lolz =P hope u feeling better and i hope u made a bit of ur homeworks i ve been thinking about something today next time ill tell u
    demn it cutted my message off i wrote too long xD ur fault ^^ just 1000char is too few=\ anyways here there is the second part :

    im happy that u liked the message and btw take some rest today u need to recover ur sleeping hope to talk u soon, im going to eat im kinda hungry xD Miss u <3

    ps: rememeber the award thinghy xD ill make other test later ^^
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