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    Don't try to develop social skills, anyone watch this video?

    Did anyone watch this video? I think it is brilliant and very logical - and I wouldn't have had the insight to think of this myself. Its about not trying to develop better social skills, because it hinders you, and instead focus on other areas. I think it is great advice, and while watching I...
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    Assaulted - karma?

    I don't know which topic to put this in, so I'm putting it inhere It's currently 6 am here, I'm writing this in tears, with help from windows numerical mouse help. I was just robbed. I was playing Zombie Panic Source with a friend, drunk and careless, at 5 am in the middle of night, and...
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    Feeling bad + dilemma

    I feel terrible. Im very tired, but also hyperactive, from doing almost nothing all day but getting alot of coffee. I just moved back with my parents and our oldest cat, my favorite one, died just yesterday :( I've also started obsessing over a girl whos a friend (all because of a faint 'hint'...
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    A song I play on

    I like music! I'm playing in a coverband which is one of my few boosts of confidence :) Im the bassplayer I've always been anxious of making my own music though. I lack initiative and have always buried myself in selfcritizism... After therapy and zoloft I've started to conquor my SA one bit at...
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    Hi, new guy introduction

    Hi everyone on the forum I've been following this forum for a couple of months, but I haven't had the courage to post here until now :) I'm a 22 year old guy from Denmark. I've been doing nothing for almost a year now, after I decided to quit my education as an engineer. I spend most of my...