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  • hey sorry for late reply

    wow your from Copenhagen I love learning about ppl from a totally different country to my own :)
    I'm from Perth Australia hehe or in other words "the land from down under" ;p
    at the moment I don't rlly have any hobbies ive been meaning to take up dancing again tho what about urself?

    awww sorry to hear that were you naturally shy as a kid tho? I wasn't rlly my s.a only started when I got picked on for having muscular calves in high school and when looks became my number 1 priority and the focus in high school so I wud say I developed bdd over anything and never realised it untill it developed in2 s.a aswell :-(

    I honestly hate being like this why can't we just have a normal life involving laughter and being outgoing and actually enjoying life :-(

    and your very welcome :)
    Meh, its not too bad. Its not congested like NY or anything. What about you? I Don't know much about Denmark other than that it was a voted as the happiest place to live, the best business climate, and was voted as one of the least corrupt country in the world. Sounds like Utopia to

    How can you be a teacher with SA?

    you should share some danish with me! I'm very interested in languages!
    Hey thanks for the message :) really appreciate it so your from Denmark hey ? Wow would love to go there ! What is your story how did you come to develop s.a ? Jess p.s you are rather sexy :)
    Hiya! :)

    Awesome that you love tennis! Haha, if you lived closer then sure i'd give you a game of tennis. I'm abit rusty with it, haven't played in years but i'll catch up. :p Although, i do play tennis on the Wii! :D

    My relationship with the rest of my family isn't bad at the moment, it used to be awfull when i was little (bad childhood). But i've learnt to forgive and move on. How about you? :) i am the second oldest out of 4, i have an older sister, a younger brother and sister. I'm also an auntie to a beautiful neice and gorgeous nephew.

    I'm off to my grandads tomorrow morning until sunday, catch you then. :) Take care!
    Hey sorry for the delay!

    Why would she be scared to meet up with you again?
    Has she been texting you since?
    I used to have that luck too - I'd start talking to people online, then once we met up we rarely/never spoke again!
    I know how it feels to have someone cause you to feel sick and not concentrate on anything!

    I have my head screwed on though - so i try not to get too attached to people unless we met in person in the first place.

    I'm alright - still alive. Ill be getting CBT when i move house. hope it worls tho!!

    Feeling any better now?
    Hej! - Just thought i'd try it out. :)

    At the moment during the day i'm either at home, or babysitting my neice and nephew which is usually at home anyway. I'm hoping to find an apprenticeship later on in the year with a charity called 'beatbullying'. They run a few apprenticeships throughout the year and the one i'm hoping to have is the counselling with young children.

    I don't do any sports at the moment because i'm too nervous to socialize, but in the past i used to do netball, gymnastics, and swimming, and i also found a love for tennis as some point. How about you? :)
    That's true, i never thought of that before. :) I can see how falling in love can boost someones confidence, i guess it can go two ways. That way, and the way i seem to be feeling at the moment, not good enough. If i had a choice i'd choose the first hehe!

    I live just outside of London, but it's still very busy here. Alot of people who come over for work seem to choose my town to stay in a hotel because it's right next to the train station straight into central London, just 10 - 15mins away by train. It's also not the nicest of places. Alot of crime goes on here. Do you live in a nice place? Is it good for your S.A.D?

    Awesome, how do you spell hello in danish? i'm interested in other languages. :)
    Thank you. :) i am 18 in a month.
    I don't have a boyfriend. I don't feel good enough to be with someone at the moment. And i actually agree with you! :O It's strange, but over the past few years i've been on social anxiety forums it does seem it's harder for a men to find a partner than a woman. Do you think this is because men feel they need to be emotionally strong and confident to be with a partner? I actually prefer shy men. :)
    A dream ohhh, hmmm, i'm not sure really. I just want to help people in life, if i can do that then i suppose all my dreams have come true. How about you?

    Both my parents are English but with american roots on my fathers side. How about you?
    I would be off to Uni this september if anxiety hadn't held me back, but it did so unfortunatly i'm around two years behind my friends as i still have college to go through. I'm hoping to attend college this september but not sure what i'd like to do. Forever changing my mind. :) It'd go from wanting to be a childrens nurse, to an art therapist to being in a band lol. And that's great you're studying to be a school teacher. :) That has crossed my mind too as i love children.

    Are you studying to work with the little kids or teenagers?
    Ohh yes, for sure. I seem to think people look at me and judge me negatively. I know it's all in my head but when you've lived thinking that way for years it's a hard habit to come out of.

    I live in England, just outside of London (not a good place to be for SA'ers!) how about you? :)

    That's a good idea actually about printing stuff off about SA for my parents. I think i'll do that within the next week. Thanks for the idea. :)

    I understand, so you don't like to be centre of attention? Me too, which is why birthdays are the worst hehe. What are you studying at university? That's really brave of you to be there, i'm not sure i could handle Uni, but then again things may be different in a few years time.

    Have a lovely day. :)
    I'm a big worrier so i worry about my life alot hehe. I have extreme lows where i consider ending it all, then theres always that little bit of hope that keeps me going that one day i'll be happy and comfortable in life. I avoid big crowds because of SA, and shopping centres at the moment. I'd also love to go to alot of festivals but no can do at the moment. How about you? I have some friends i see about twice a month and another friend i see each week who also has SA. My family are not very supportive because that can't seem to understand why at times i'm too scared to answer the front door or house phone. Do you have a supportive family? sorry if i've rambled on abit. ::eek::
    I hope you enjoy it, let me know how it goes? :) i think my SA isn't as bad as it used to be. But i still spend most my time at home so it's not improved alot. :(
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