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  • I'm doing well, but pretty stressed out and overwhelmed this week. Adopted a new three-legged puppy and it is wearing me out! Quite an adventure though. I'm excited to see pics of your trip.
    Thank you, I hope the same for you Mikey. I read you were feeling down, hope you're feeling better now.
    Sounds like you're in a slump. I think our mood goes in cycles. Feeling down for no reason is normal. Just acknowledge that you're feeling down and know that this feeling will pass. Being in this state of mind, you probably don't have the energy to socialize-that's okay. Focus on your self. Try to think of some positive attributes that you have. In the meantime, eat healthy. This is a perfect opportunity to accomplish something simple. Try the ImNotMyIllness Diet. Eat whatever you want (moderately speaking) but include 2-3 servings of fruit and 2-3 servings of vegetables each day. Also, look up each fruit and vegetable that you're going to consume and learn how it affects your body. You'll not only feel healthier but smarter. And girls love smart guys that can tell them how to keep their lovely shape. ;)
    I meant to tell you this a while ago, but I don't get on here very much anymore and I forgot. I sent you a Christmas card and stood in line behind a woman for literally 10 minutes while she talked about her family to the postal worker. I got really irritated and that is why I wrote that note on the back of the envelope. I was going to walk up and hand the lady the card and say, "Send this to Australia, please. And keep the change." and walk out like an *******, hoping she saw my note on the back. But I only had a $20 and I didn't want to leave that much change. I'm a cheap SOB! :D
    More than half of that time was spent on preparing it, though. The little in-between cooking times add up. But I don't mind - cooking is at least as fun as eating is.

    He said he really enjoyed the meeting also, it sounds like you both had a lovely time. He also mentioned his now-lady friend, I'm really glad for him. It's a shame a SPW gathering would be extremely difficult to coordinate - with the long travel distances involved (and about half cancelling due to social phobia. :giggle:) It would be great to be able to directly interact with everyone from the forum.

    You know, watch some Futurama, play some games, discuss why pizza is awesome. It'd be like camp - but with people you actually enjoy.
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    Oh yes, heaps. :D Since gift-giving in Christmas has never really caught on in my family it's always been more focussed on atmosphere and food. So each year we gather the family for a self assembly gourmet dinner. It's a lot of fun. Usually after two hours or so one of my uncles and I are the only ones still eating. This year I stopped eating out of courtesy - to not keep them waiting too long. I could've eaten another cow easily.

    Invasive insecurity can be sudden and swift. But when it hits again, try and remember it. You're one of the good guys, even when self steem doesn't allow you to see it. It's not so much the lack of a backbone as it is the gradually built up weight of life. You can only chip it away so fast after all. Failure is a part of that - as is self doubt and discouragement.
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    And thank you, I appreciate that. If Phoenix and you are ever nearby, you are most welcome to drop by. If circumstance allows it, I'd love to meet you two. Didn't you also meet MrJones a little while ago? I remember him mentioning that when I was talking to him.
    I am working for a few hours, and I plan to take home a couple of new foster cats. :) After that, I want to relax at home, maybe go to a bookstore, then I will be having dinner with my family that evening. Then I have three days off work so who knows what will happen!
    No problem, I'm quite sure heaps of people value your presence here.

    Like I said earlier in the other post, a little bit of courtesy/kindness goes a long way, and I see you make an effort pretty much every time I visit here. Whatever your subconscious tendencies may tell you, I hope you realize logically that you've done a lot of people a favour by just being you.

    Yeah, me too. Christmas meals/snacks are the best. ;) Christmas wouldn't be Christmas if you didn't have to buy a bigger belt afterwards.
    Yea I'm pretty good thanks, ups and downs and all that. I think I have a habit of saying things that aren't necessary. Anyway basically I decided today that I need to be more proactive regards to making connections with people, so I just happened to be reading some of your posts and thought I'm going to send a friend request! I figured I could start small here, and then maybe it will spill out a little into non cyber world. I might send a few more in time but I don't want to be completely random about it. Hope alls well with you?
    Hi Mikey, I just wanted to say thanks very much for accepting my friend request. I wrote a few sentences a minute ago explaining why I clicked on the 'make friends' button, but ended up deleting it so as not to bore you lol.
    I know there's a thread for it and all, but I'd like to extend a personal less-public season greeting on account of being one of my favourite peoples here. Merry Christmas, Mikey. I hope you have a lovely time and get tons of stuff! ;3
    Cheers mate. Thought I'd send a card to make up for missing out from one from your friend.
    Oh don't worry, the ending got spoiled as soon as the last episodes aired.

    I was looking for news on whether it would continue or was picked up since last time I checked and ended up on a review of the last episodes by accident. I read things in passing, and chose to be in denial until I actually see it in the context and tone of the show itself. ;3

    The show being picked up by yet another station would be worth it even if just for the subtle, but vicious, jokes towards the station that canned them (like last time.)
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