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  • Is it? That's kinda neat. I haven't really seen them yet, because I've been a bit on and off watching it on TV and don't really want to finish the show not having seen every single last episode. Needless to say I've been avoiding it like the plague.

    It would be neat if I could get my hands on a all-in-one box set that includes all seasons and all movies (I'm lazy like that). Typically I'm all digital when it comes to shows, but this one would be one of the rare ones I wouldn't mind owning on physical copies.

    Besides maybe Breaking Bad, I can't recall a recent show that's been perfect from start to finish. And not a single one that has had such a curious life span and has lived on so many networks.
    oooooh that sounds all very interesting, Ill be expecting a message update so when you get around to it ;)
    Hey Mikey, sorry Ive been so quiet, Ive just been in a weird place, I miss you my friend how are you? *hugs*
    Good luck! I hope you can go.
    It is long, I don't know about the education system in Australia but its somewhat tough, but interesting too and definitely worth it.
    Thanks, you're right. I need to stop being so hard on myself.
    Btw Mikey, I think you'll make a wonderful therapist. :)
    Thank you, I'll do that and same goes for you too you know.
    At this point, going to university and interacting with the people of my class is a huge fear of mine, specially because its such a small class and everyone has their own group of friends, except for me. Plus most of them are really extroverted, loud type of people.
    That's done for the day though. I talked to an acquaintace over the phone today, yay!
    Within half an hour I need to be in a social situation and I don't know anyone there, then I plan to call two people tonight, just to work on my conversation anxiety. Then there're studies.
    Just normal day to day stuff really, but they're really a big deal to me.
    I wish I could see a psychologist, but its not practical at the moment. It might've been helpful.
    Thanks, I have to face some feared situations today, I so needed that hug.
    I haven't even seen the movies yet. :X

    Since the show is now officially over, I think what I'm going to do is get all seasons and movies and watch them all in sequence to give it a proper 'farewell' viewing.

    It was great till the end. There's some consolation in that.
    Thanks Mikey, you're very kind. :) I hope you find a great lady soon too, someone as awesome as you doesn't deserve to be lonely.
    I'm sure Mikey there was an innocent reason why you weren't invited. They are your friends after all. Obviously they like you! I also read into everything as a sign of rejection. You're a really cool and intelligent guy! Don't be too hard on yourself.
    I'm quite sure that the only reason they cancelled it was because the ratings were bad. The sad thing about that is that the fan base is still very much alive and kicking - they've just changed from TV to online on-demand services.

    One of those classic old-fart-stuck-in-his-pre-internet-age-ways executive decisions that foolishly don't take everything into consideration. Here's to hoping it'll cause the fans to speak out once again.
    I've seen a lot of people complain about the Fry/Leela romance. I'm usually pretty neutral towards it, not really caring one way or the other, but that scene was really quite touching. The way they cut back and forth between time really delivered their final goodbye masterfully.

    And that God scene with Bender might be my favourite scene in the entire show - while that scene isn't particularly hilarious, the sentiment that ''When you do things right, people won't know you've done anything at all'' has stuck with me as somewhat of a creed. It sells the point that a neutral state of being, not extravagantly positive or negative, is in a lot of case better as it's realistically sustainable - making social failures easier to deal with. It's a valuable life lesson.
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