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    Thinking back about how much I've improved over the years

    I'm almost 19 years old and a few months ago it was my 4 year anniversary on this site. I'm still a little timid but at this point I think I might be pretty close to average. It's hard to recognize just how much I've improved when change has been so gradual, but recently I've been trying to...
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    need my account deleted

    I may come back but I need this account deleted and all of it's posts. I already used the contact link and haven't gotten a reply.
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    I think it's really important that you try to accept the things that you can't change

    Think about it, is it really worth worrying about the people you have to be around every day? I mean is it really worth worrying about the things they say and the things they do? If they are physically abusing or insulting you, that's a bit different. Of course of they are hurting you, you...
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    Why is Shakespeare soooo borinnggg

    I went to this play today because someone who was playing in it told me I should go. And because this is my friends cousin and this guy is sort of a friend also, I decided I probably should go just to be better friends with them I guess. I went alone because I assumed I would find someone I knew...
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    seriously guys i'm tired of school

    I'm tired of my idiot biology teacher who can't even remember the day we are suppose to have a test. I'm tired of the kid who only hangs out with me because he also has no friends at school. Same with the other kid who hates society because they look down on people like him. I'm tired of having...
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    Everyone should try lifting weights

    Lifting weights and watching what I eat so I can get stronger and bigger changed my life! I use to post depressing things on here now I rarely come here because I don't really need it anymore. Learning proper form, eating the right foods, and lifting heavy weights all keep me from being...
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    The answer to all of life's questions

    What is this I don't even (THE BATROLL) - YouTube
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    The saddest I've ever been in my life

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    I can't get out of this life

    I'll start out by saying I'm 14 and in 9th grade. I don't really tell people my interests but here goes; astronomy, music, politics, history, and thats it from the top of my head. I think my family knows me for not caring about things now, or atleast thats what it looks like. On Thanksgiving we...
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    I feel like my parents don't want to listen to me being sad anymore

    Ever since my depression started, I would talk to my dad about me feeling really bad and like my head is going to explode. It was summer so I didn't have school and I rarely went out. I wouldn't shower for almost a week and I would sleep in my clothes. Whenever I felt bad I would try to go to...
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    I got in a fight with my EX-friend today

    nevermind close this thread :l
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    I think I want to start a band

    This could be just one of those random thoughts that go away after a while, but recently I've been getting into music a lot. Thing is, I never played any sort of instrument. Everything I've tried I lose interest and I'm not very good at. I just had a vision of me and my old friend from middle...
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    Being myself no longer feels like the right thing to do

    Sorry I'm in a bad mood and I'm having trouble keeping my focus, so I might be a little hard to understand. My mom and dad always tell me these feelings go away and I just have to deal with them until they are gone, but I am losing hope. I know this is very annoying to hear but its the simplest...
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    Have you ever felt inferior to everyone else

    I can't help but feel smaller, like everyone else around me is better than me. I lose interest in talking to anyone or making friends with them. I'm falling into depression again, I don't want it to happen again because its hard to get rid of. :thinking: