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  • Oh, haha. Better rest up that rib! You don't want to put any extra strain on it. Catching up on uni work, plus reading fiction books and watching cool TV shows is a good way to rest and remain entertained. :)
    I hear you there! It can be an addictive place sometimes. ;) I have drumming, exercise, and a light interest in cooking to go to for "practical" things - do you have something like that you can do to wrest control of your time away from the Internet? :)
    Thanks, Loyal. I haven't been coming on as much. Trying not to come on the Internet so often, heh. Hope you're well. :)
    Bed time for me! (I have a cold and I get up at stupid o'clock for work.) Take care and talk soon. :)
    Yeah, that was a shock, as much as it's a shock to see a Wollongong person here! Small world. :)
    Pretty small, but there used to be a guy here from Albion Park, but he doesn't post anymore, I think. It can happen!
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