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  • I love words which is why I read so much.Poetry I think is one of the purest forms of writting.Its all about pure emotion and expressing your feelings.I love reading and writting poetry.The creativity of it is appealing and it allows the writer to get alot of things off their chest.It can be theuraputic for people particularly people with issues like anxiety.Anything worthwhile is often tricky or plain difficult.Have you written anything lately.
    At times there is nothing better than just relaxing and doing very little whilst reading or listening to music.What kind of writting do you do.Im write alot of poetry.
    Thanks! And not at all. I'll be friends with anyone, no matter what you like.
    Hi! It's nice to hear from you! :) I'm doing alright at the moment, thanks. I've been pretty busy with coursework. I'll be graduating in just a few months (hopefully!) lol! How are you? I hope all is well with you. :)
    Hi! Thanks for your message! It's always nice meeting other fans. :) Please feel free to send me a pm if you would ever like to talk.
    Hi L Hilla, welcome to SPW!

    Talking with you about ACT would be cool :) ACT has helped me a lot.
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