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    Yeah it looks like the way to go alright! :)

    That's the worst thing about the Summer. Total sneeze-fest. And then pished on for the entire rest of the year. Can't win!
    Yeah I'm the same, bloody hay-fever! We better not go halves on a florist so! :D
    Yeah, I was starting to get a few comments about them! They weren't doing my macho-image much good! :)

    I just have to decide who to give them to now! Either that or open up a florist shop!
    hahaha, yeah if I ever end up with specs like your man in that Ad then the UFO's are welcome to sort me out!
    haha, Yeah I'd say I'll be in trouble quicker than you alright.
    On and off since 4pm. I managed to "rest" my eyes by reading in-between as well.
    Its almost as though I'm "trying" to get myself a trip to specsavers!
    Yeah we'll be like two blind people in ten years time! :eek::D
    Thats cool that u want to help people especialy kids that need it.does ur course involve much about ethics id assume it wud with nursing.id like to help people to but im no gud around people so instead of doin volunteer work im goin to donate bone marrow just put my name on the list recently im sure it will help sum1,id like to do volunteer work but as i said id prob just be freaked out in unfamiliar suroundings : )
    That sounds good, at least you have the option of working in her place so.

    I'd rather be working in a B&B than stuck in front of a computer everyday! :)
    I'd say you'd be fine. If you can cope with college then the chances are you'd be ok with work too. Especially after you settle in, etc.

    I work with a printing company in Dublin, take in all the orders via email and make plates for the printing machines and a few other bits and bobs

    It means I'm on the computer all day, I'll be blind soon! :D
    That's great that you enjoy it so much. I was the same for a while in college too.
    Work is a different story though!

    Nah, its the only photo I have on the computer, but I'm going to try edit the flowers out. How come you cant upload to the site? Your other pic seemed to work fine
    haha, they're behind me, not in my hair! It was taken on a horse-carriage thing in Tunisia and they had flowers on all the head-rests. I knew I should have tried to photo-shop them out! :D

    Yeah you seem to really like college, its great to actually look forward to going in every morning, instead of dreading it like some people do!
    Dunno why but I just never seem to sleep well on Sunday nights. Got 4 hours kip last night and completely wrecked for work. Cant wait to get home.
    You back in college tomorrow, is that the mid-term over?

    PS - haha, saw yer comment about the flowers in my Pic. Wish I had a less girly Pic to post up. Curse those pesky flowers! :D
    Ah, ended back in Galway? That's just typical isn't it!
    Glad it went well though! Fair play to you for doing it!

    All's quiet this end! Though I really hate Monday mornings! :(
    Hey, I forgot to ask how the college-tour went? Has it been on yet?

    I completely forgot what day it was happening.

    But I hope it went really well for you! :)
    well what you described sounds great. maybe i should think more about it
    hmm, deciding what to do after school is a nightmare...haha
    oh that sounds really interesting. but ya, general nursing is what im more interested in. im glad you enjoy your course though
    nope our leaving cert yr is 6th yr lol i haaate it, like ive missed far too many days cos of the SA and i dont think il do well at all in the leaving..
    your in luck there's a good few people from galway on this forum too :)
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