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  • Ooh sounds pretty cool!!
    I used to always want purple hair,
    but was too scared of people noticing me on the street.
    Hey i never thought blonde would suit me,
    but turns out it suits me more than brown.
    (my natural colour)
    I noticed that you said you dont think you can ever cure social phobia.

    Dont completely rule it out! It has been done ya know!!
    haha, it's good to "lol" sometimes :D
    ireland is an annoying place to be if ur not drinking or dnt drink cus they will always ask ya why ur not drinking,even if u dnt have a reason they want 1 lol
    fair play trust me ur missin nothing by not drinking its more trouble than its worth in the end.i got a brother who doesnt drink or smoke but i got another brother who doesnt stop drinking and smoking so it evens out lol
    im fom newcastle orignally cus thats were my family lives not far from the college but i moved out bout a year ago i live in rahoon now just beside the thread needle road,its nice to get away from home even tho its only like 5min drive away lol.do u drink much
    ya its not gud at all but im not a total recluse : ) i have my own set of friends outside the college,iv been off the drink the last gud few months so that kind of keeps me away from alot of social gatherings to.were bouts in the county u from originaly.im a pure city head id never be able to live in the country side lol
    its goin okey i usualy keep to myself in there tho which isnt a gud thing i talk to people in there every now and then but i dnt hang round with any of the people in my class.how do u find ur course.
    hey im glad it went well,3 cheers hip hip hurray : ).quiet enough day just workin on sum essays and out driving round with a friend nothing amazing.how was urs.id say ur glad u went the next time u go shud be easier now that u know wat to expect
    i hope it goes well for you,ya will settle in wen ur there cus every1 is there to help other people
    iv donated blood twice before.im thinking it will hurt but im also thinking who ever gets it is in more pain than i wil be so they need it more plus my bone marrow will come back to normal levels after a few weeks so happy out : ).thats cool that your goin to samaritans for volunteer work,im not ready to volunteer yet i think i just wudnt be able to keep up with it at the moment anyways.
    haha, sounds like you're more well dressed than an eskimo there! Yeah the novelty of the snow has long worn off at this point!
    I better head to bed here, have to be up at 6.30 am for another day of staring at a computer screen! I hope college goes great for you tomorrow! Enjoy!
    Catch you later! :)
    found out last week i have to pay 1600e full registration fee just to go in to college for one day and repeat one exam. which i don't have at the moment and is just ridiculous:mad: but i'm alright otherwise thx :)
    how is college going?
    Yeah its nuts. Can't remember it being this bad in years. And just to add to it all, I got a 230 euro gas bill today. From having the bloody heating on all the time.
    Nearly fainted when I opened the envelope!
    I may have to invest in a hot-water bottle instead! ::(:
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