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  • only 2 years, bahaha. glad you're doing well. my skype/steam tag is safirczar if you ever wanna talk. I pass by these forums way less than I should, so I'm sorry for the late response.

    hope you're doing well!
    hey haven't seen you around in a bit. I hope your schooling and everything else is going great.
    Currently I'm playing World of Warcraft and FIFA 11 with friends, while waiting for some games to come out (ICO+Shadow of The Colossus remake, The Last Guardian and Uncharted 3). But I like SF, Sonic, Assassins Creed, GTA,Pokemon, all good MMORPG, etc, etc. As long as it is a good game. Oh, and I play a lot of Super Pang and Micro Machines, too remember the "old" days.
    Yeah, i remember that lil fairy from somewhere! u reminded me! =)
    I used to watch fairly odd parents! *memorys* .. btw, i enjoy reading your post! & i like the way you talk! :)
    Ah, Pokémon. One of the games that I have spent more time with (Yellow, Red and Gold). I haven't played any of the last versions, because I don't have a Nintendo DS. Good thing to know that there are more gamers around here ;)
    Hi, thanks for the request. Btw, I saw on the "10 things about you" that you like videogames, what do you play?
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