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  • hi
    the safaris outside PE are mainly for tourist, too expensive for locals, and your right PE is an awesome place a little bit slow but i likw it that way
    I was the one who cleaned up the thread- but your new title had to be Remus. I would try to play with people's titles, but I'm not that creative ::p:
    "We won't starve that's for sure!" hahaha, im sure we wouldnt :)
    theres a guy called ed wardle on my facebook, you should add him aswell, i think you would get on great with that guy, hes on tv really often here, hes done everest and he lived in the canadian (someplace) for a few months
    YouTube - Week 2: Alone in the Wild | C4.com | Still Hungry | 2 of 4
    aye it is strange. ive always found sex really boring and its not easy when youve got a beer can wedged between each other.
    if im still alive in the summer, im gony take a leaf out of your book, just get my tent and travel around the scottish highlands. thats how i want to experience "life" :)
    aye see thats the thing mate, ive watched "into the wild" a hundred times and always wanted to be there. complete isolation.
    youve actually done it, i would swap every sexual relationship ive had for one shot in the wilderness :)
    hows you mr curt? it feels like ive not spoken to you in ages :)
    love the alaska pics mate, i wish i was there
    I received and replied to your message about Alaska, but my Sent Box shows no messages (meaning that I've sent no messages?)
    anyway, if you don't get anything, let me know ;)
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