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  • I'm glad to hear that! =) I know what you mean. One minute I'm fine and the next I feel like bursting into tears. Maybe it's common among SA'ers to have an overwhelming surge of emotions from one extreme to the next... at this very moment, I'm ok! =) (but that's apt to change at any given second) hehe! I like all the little smileys you use. They're cute! :)
    ::eek:: You are so very sweet, thank you! I saw your post in the "how are you feeling" thread. I'm sorry you were feeling down. =( I hope you are feeling better today.
    That sounds like a lot of fun, and that was really nice of you. I'm sure you helped him feel better. :) I know what you mean about the weekdays and weekends, it's all the same to me too.

    Take care Curt
    Hi Curt! I actually like the quality, it has a dreamy feel to it. Thanks, I hope you had a good weekend. Did you go fishing or do anything exciting?
    ladies man!! i wish! i love Metallica though!, the loch ness monster is fine, he just pokes his head up through the water now and again! (just to annoy people) i think nessie is like us, hiding from society, who can blame him! haha
    thanks for adding me mate, hope you are well (i get so Repetitive at times), (i get so Repetitive at times)
    beer, beer, beer! happy times!
    loulloul =) It's going well, but my eyes are so tired that they trail behind..kinda like being perpetually drunk haha.

    also took a picture of a couple spiders and a beetle ;D
    ..taking forever to come to terms with that little camera and its inferior light gathering! Grahh

    Soo, ya..that's about it.
    What about you, Thenra, what mischief have you rummaged up lately? How was Finding Nemo? :P
    hahaha, man, it took me forever to figure out what in the world you were talking about!
    I was imagining fierce battles involving giant jello beasts..
    You're so nice, thank you! ::eek:: It is hard trying to stay positive sometimes, but this forum helps me a lot. It's nice to know there are people out there I can relate to and helps me feel like I'm not alone. Hope you are doing well today! :)
    Hey! Sorry I didn't reply about the camera sooner. Honestly, I've only used it once..so I don't know much about it at all

    It's a G9 Canon..whatever that means haha
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