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  • Haha no, but it makes sense doesn't it? Almost too easy. The tongue is there because i'm cheeky.
    I think it would benefit many if they taught psychology in schools.
    Yeah, it’s definitely high maintenance but it sounds like you are persevering and I think it’s nice to hear about the pay off even if it seems out of grasp. I wonder sometimes that something like social phobia could keep a criminal disciplined.
    Ahh, I literally just north Of london near a place called Borehamwood, about 30-40 minutes from rickmansworth.
    Yeah, I wouldn’t have thought that belief was a hindrance more of a liberation and accepting who you are. I think it’s a very fine line it’s only a problem if those beliefs aren’t working for you. Now that you are cured what do you feel has changed? Have you turned into a party animal? lol;)
    I agree with a lot of what he is saying the only thing is life doesn’t always permit for you to take it slowly.

    I consider shy or introverted by this definition Definition of Introvert -- What is an Introvert? more of a personality trait as oppose to it being a mental illness, but irrational fears controlling a person definitely needs to be addressed and most likely in the manner he was talking about.

    There’s a few in that thread that think they communicate poorly, but they did quite well in that and many other threads I have seen.
    Yeah, I have tried a little cbt when I was first diagnosed with sp, I don’t think it was successful as it could have been because I wasn’t ready to deal with it at the time, but I did get to meet some people with sp. This was through the women’s and children’s clinic in Adelaide. There were a few things that happened that I wasn’t very happy about but I did like the cooking course I did with a small group of people that had sp. I haven’t tried ACT. I feel like I get exposure therapy all the time anyway because there’s no choice and I have been off and on meds. The medication kind of worries me and I would prefer not to use it. Thanks for the link it’s insightful.:)
    That’s great:) I think if you can beat this you probably could get through anything. It’s also good to know you’re from Australia, there’s a few on here. Have you met any members on here that live near your area?
    Maybe not it just seems like it sometimes::o:. Do you feel like your social anxiety has improved?
    hey, kein problem =) wir können aber auch auf englisch schreiben, wenn dir deutsch probleme macht ^^
    Hi Hoddesdon. I'm sorry I didn't reply to you sooner. A happy belated new year to you. I haven't been on this site for a while because it's been slow and freezing on me but it seems to be working today! How are you?
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