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    Avoidents are'nt really avoidents

    Hey everyone, ok so i was thinking this concept of being a avoident is very apealing to me, i mean if it was actually possible to see what's going to happen before it actually happens? That would be great! I mean in a extreme way you can by never leaving the house but this really is'nt an...
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    I actually told someone exactly what i think of tgem!

    Hey everyone! so there is this delivery lady that works for hermis and she is rude to my room mate, she even calls her up and shouts at my room mate when she was'nt in to accept the parcel, anyway my room mate has complained but they still send her, anyway it is raining today and we get call...
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    Post poems you've written thread

    Hey everyone, ok i found a poem i wrote about 7 years ago, please ad yours?? Id love to read them Now I know * Love is a song that makes you cry *Love is a shooting star that seems to say hello as it catches your eye flying bye darting across the sky *Oh how I wish I could be that star even...
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    Paranoia has become much worse

    Hey everyone, just want to ask if there's anyone here is suffering with this, when im out around people everyone i encounter i think they are thinking all sorts of awefull things about me, to the point were i've started to believe that im not a good person, i really dont know how to remedy this
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    How did everyone cope with there new years parties?

    Hey everyone, i hope everyones new years paties went well? Did everyone manage to come out smiling? I had a great time but unfortunately came out a bit depressed as a old friend turned up with his new wife, i tried to make convasation with her but she seemed like she did'nt want to speak with...
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    Who wants to meet up in real life in london in 2015???

    Hi peeps, ok so i have been thinking and i really want to make some new friends in 2015, i also think that us social phobz need to at least feel like we can be normal, and i would love to have some nice convasations with people that suffer from similar issues as me and it would be amazing to...
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    Male, 2 kids, divorced, should i give up thinking any girl will want anything with me

    Hey, so i said it all in the title, should i give up?? I will if you tell me to
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    Light at the end of the tunnel!! Boo!!!

    Hey beautiful people! ok i usually hate these type of positive posts but i need to share this and hope some of you can get encouraged by it, ok so finally im getting to grips with the whole not giving a crap thing! Before when i was in public places i would be looking at everyone, asking...
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    The hello.....silence moment

    Hey everyone, ok so i know ive banged on about this before but it keeps jappening to me and i dont get it, this is what happens, i go in to a cafe or store and go to the person serving i say hello or morning and smile, they stare at me blank faced and say nothing, i then make my order then when...
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    Here's a scary thought guys

    Ok so i've been on a dating site for a while and on nearly all girls profiles have this statment, looking for a confident guy who's happy, so i ask myself am i confident? No. Am i happy? No. So am i screwed?
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    Problem showing too much emotion in my face

    Hey everyone! So i was in costa coffee this morning and was in the choe the girl serving said good morning to the guy infront of me, then my turn she just stared at me and the guy behind her turned around and stared at me like there was some conspiracy! I felt painfully subjugated i could hardly...
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    A bit upsetting moment

    Hey everyone! Ok so i have a friend and she has a friend who she told me has just come here to london, she invited her out but she couldn't come, since then my friend has gone home, i found my friends friend and said hi im a friend of my friend and are you here alone, she got back to me and said...
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    So i think i've lost my myself

    So over the past few days ive been in a state of panic and sadness because i cant be myself when im around people, im not funny im not witty of intellectual, im just a iratant and people dont get anything grom speaking with me. Its because in a social situation i have too much going on in my...
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    I wish i could have my memory wiped

    Hey, so right now im the worset ive been in a long time, i can see no way out, i was thinking is there some kind of sergury that can wipe my memory? I have so meny flash backs and crindging memories of people that hate me, i just want to forget it all
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    Wish i could change the way i look

    Hey everyone, so ive been confused about weather im good looking or not, and i have now come to the conclusion that im not! Is anyone going through this too? I get no attension from women at all was it just me trying to be positive trying to convince myself that i am but i cant anymore, i wish...