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  • Oh PS by the way Greggy, we have a couple of things in common I think, both from the UK and both work in a University (unless I'm getting confused again!). :)
    Hahah well you're spot on there because I tried it out today and it was getting a bit silly. Glad all is well, have you got any new year resolutions brewing?
    Thanks for clicking the befriend button :)
    Hi Greggy, do you sometimes go on SAUK as well, I had a feeling I came across you there as well, but I might just been getting confused. I hope you are havign a nice day either way :)
    Greggy, you have model/actor looks. A lot of the good looking girls too, say that they're ugly. For some reason, a lot of good looking people have SA. Maybe it's how you approach girls. Or, you expect too much. A girls natural reaction towards a guy is to say NO. Jut like when someone approaches you trying to sell you something. They're trying to protect themselves from getting their hearts broken. That's why they usually say no. Also, you (like me) may have a lot of shame inside and think that you're worthless. I'm in therapy and it is slowly helping. My therapist is great.
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