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  • Hi.I guess it can take time to adjust to changes in routine etc. It sounds like you got alot out of the fringe.I like sayings alot.Any chance of some translations of the saying you sent me I did not get the meaning.I have been doing alot of sight seeing in London.Visting gallaries,looking at churches(from the outside since Im not religious) and the old buildings.There are so many stunning buildingsand so much history in london.Even found a couple of comic shops by accident that I did not know existed.Scotland no doubt has stunning buildings too.
    Sorry for slow response.I have been getting out about more to try to enjoy the weather.Good to hear the Edinburgh Book festival does okay.Its great when good authors are appreciated despite our celb obsessed culture,where despite a lack of talent some individuals are celebrated.Writting great book after book is such a skill.Appartently book sales in some genres such as kids teen litrature are doing very well in the UK.

    Regional sayings can help bond the comedian and audiance.What are some of your favourite clean sayings.
    Hi.Hotels have previous form when it comes to bumping up prices when they can make more money during events like 2012 Olympics etc.Not nice but thats free market capitalism for you.

    Good to see a brits like Fred McCaulay doing well for themselves.Does he tour around the world.

    I have not heard of the book festival.Hope it does well too in terms of attendance.
    Hi.Just realized how long its been since I have been on the site.Work in progress shows can be hit and miss I imagine.What were some of the jokes ghat Fred McCuly told that you enjoyed.

    Appartently Richard Herring chose not to attend the Edinburg festival this year despite playing at most of the others. Due to the cost of putting on shows,accomadation plus some believe its become too big and commercial.What do you think about that view.He was saying that people take advantage by bumbing up prices of accomadation etc.
    Hi.Im not telling you what to do by the way,just trying to help a fellow sufferer that I like.I know from experience that getting motivated to do difficult things can be hard.There are different meds available that a gp could recommend and tailor to your specific needs dose wise etc.Im on Citalopram which is suppose to be non addictive and it helps with anxiety,which I use it for but it also can be used for depression.It has three different strengths.Maybe it might work for you.I have had no bad side affects using it.

    I know there are some poor therapists out there but there are also some good ones.Sometimes you need to try a few before you find one that you click with.The therapist I used for quite a while was a good one.

    Also there are different types of therapies as you probably know and some work best for different people.Finding the best kind for yourself can really help make positive changes in your life.
    The depression obviously makes a big difference to you.

    I mentioned you seeing a doctor about your depression but you did not bring it up in your replying message.Are you doing anything about it such as medication,seeing the doctor.If you dont want to talk about it ghats fair enough.But things can be done to make it easier.I have had depression in the past and it seems to go hand in hand with anxiety.
    Okay.Attending gigs might help to relax you.Families can be tricky institutions.Not telling you what to do,but for me sometimes there is no point having the same arguments over and over,if peoples views stay the same.Moving on and finding common ground is important.

    To be honest I dont look to my family for emotional support .In the sense that I dont need them to make me feel better about myself anymore like I use to,plus we are not a very touchy feely affection family despite loving each other.I use to get very upset about a lack of support but I just accepted they are not those kinds of people ghat will shower me with love.My brother has his own anxiety issues and my mum is stuck in her old ways of doing doing things.I try to accept them for who they are,since they are not bad people.
    Not sure why you have not been in touch but anyway.Feel free to stop by my page in the future if you want to.
    Who did you see at Reading and Leads.That seems a more practical festival location wise compared to Glastonbury which is far a way and you need to sell organs to afford.Seems to be the golden age of festival over recent years despite the recession.Lots around such as The Isle of white festival,Hyde park,Donington etc.Glastonbury,Reading and Leeds.Lots of chances for fans to see established and newer groups despite the decline of the record labels.The big acts bring in the crowds though that smaller groups can benifit from in theory
    Hi.Im a huge fan of Alterbridge and Im often on the look out for groups that have a similar wipe and quality.Do you reckon AIC influenced many other groups the way groups like Korn,GnR,Nirvana,Beatles,Queen did.

    Im trying to travel more since I have only been to Great Yarmouth and a couple of places.Its hard to choose were go do to so many beautiful places in the UK,Europe and elsewhere.In a way thats been a hurdle to me traveling more motivation wise .
    I had a listen to Alice in chains ,on you tube after you mentioned them maybe influencing Alterbridge.I bought one of their albums today on amazon after liking their sound.The Black gives way to blue album.
    Hi.I think Songs mean different things to each individual.Some songwriters leave it up to the listener to attach what other meaning they want to a song.Some songs are clearly written about specific things and the writer is willing to explain the meaning.

    I think Fortress by Alterbridge could be about any fragile relationship.Friendship,family etc.I love the lines ,'One thing is for certain we can not have what we want'.Amother great line is 'Now I hold on to the one thing too fragile to stand on its own'. Brillent,deep thoughtful lyrics.

    Have you heard any of Mark Tremonti solo albums when he does vocals.I was unsure about them at first due to pigeoning hole him as a guitarists.My first thoughts were,mmm can he sing or not.I can be abit stubborn at times to change.For example when band members in groups I really like do side projects such as solo albums.But he has a decent voice I think.
    Good analysis you did of the Alterbridge song.I did not understand most of it but it sounded good.Heehe.
    Its hard to be original music wise due to the shear volume of music already written.Conciously,subconciously most artists are influenced by what has come before.I try to not worry about as long as I like it.
    Hi.I noticed that when I have been outside facing the crowds,walking around alot then Im more likely to overspend and by food,cds,books,flower seeds,so I have to be vigilent and aware of my state of mind.

    The annoying thing about shops in cities is the cramped layout.When its busy in there you can not find much room to yourself.Intrusions into my personal space on buses,in shops really irritates me and I really need to remind myself that these are shared spaces.

    The curse of the BOGOF,(buy one get one free).The big shops use psychology to self their goods.Music,smells,shelf levels,sales etc.Its shameful the amount of waste there is in the western countries.We throw away so much food etc for all sorts of reasons.I buy what I need and try to not waste things.
    Lol.You seem to be a big fan of emoto cons.I liked the one you used to show being in thought.Yellow guy stroking his chin.Not to be sexiest but alot of women seem to treat shopping as a hobby.Buying alot of things they want rather than need.Some get buyers regret afterwards.

    My mum for example buys shoes,clothes it seems on a weekly basis.When stuffs breaks,gets holes,then I replace them.I will admit to buying alot of books,cds though but I keep those for years and reuse them.
    Not to worry.I check my messages every two or so days so I will be around if you want to chat.You seem to like to rearrange your living space regurally.People do say that a uncluttered,organised living space,helps you feel better in your mind.
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