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  • Hi fear, i tried to reply to you once before but your pm's were turned off. I live in the Albury/Wodonga area. I'm actually from Canada...i been here 6 years though
    I'm actually also umemployed at the moment. I'm about to head back to California where I will go back to college and try to find work. I was laid off awhile back and getting a customer service jobs can be rough for ppl like us. So yes, lol, I find it very difficult to stay in work. But that doesn't mean I'll stop trying. I often have to motivate myself with two choices: "progess or death", because I'm just so sick of living inbetween.
    hey fear thanks for the message. Im not too bad thanks just very bored. been working a lot and havent got much time off recently. Im Planning a surfing trip next year to cornwall with a few friends though which should be ace. I see you like a band called midnight oil, my brother was in a band with that name. do you like anyother bands? Im going to see motorhead not long from now.
    i find the PS3s graphics to be similiar to The PCs but i only really look at screenshots of PC gams so..but PC games are usually cheapr right?
    You should try them,their really good.The artstyle in okami is amazing.the paradise game sounds good but my computor wont play games(i think i broke something in it).the only thing i ever did play on the computor was the sims and i found it pretty boring.
    cool,i always wanted to visit austrailia,sounds better than boring Ireland.I never really play PC games but i play a lot of PS3,DS,PS2 and Wii games(cos of SA ive been very lately cos ive nothing better to do)FEAR looks good,mainly cos of the creepy littl girl(just find stuff like that cool)have you played valkyria chronicles or okami?
    I'm pretty diverse musically (I think). I can jump from Beethoven to the Beatles to Black Sabbath to the Doors. But overall I like classic rock.
    hi! :) now i've forgotten where i read it, but i saw a post somewhere that you wrote and i thought "wow.. i can relate" ..or something along those lines :) so i wanted to add you as a fraaand, hehe
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