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  • I'm in the same situation as you unfortunately, don't know where I'm heading in life and feel somewhat confused within myself, trying to find myself again, feeling like a lost sheep.
    I love surfing at my local beach, (Bondi beach) and I live at Bondi itself, the eastern suburbs of Sydney. I enjoy other bands such as Men at Work, Pink Floyd, Jimmy Barnes (solo singer) and black sabbath.
    Hi sorrow and thanx for excepting my friendship invite. Sydney has some nice beaches and I live at Bondi, ten minutes walk from the main beach as well. Just 2 hours away from Sydney there is a place called NewCastle also and what a coincidence hey lol. I surf almost everyday myself and my favourite sport is mountain biking in the blue mountains west of Sydney.
    Hi fop im actually from newcastle upon tyne in the uk. long way from ye. thanks for the message. I believe your my first friend request lol. Yeah I love surfing too, australia must have some awesome beaches for surfing. Up here we got the north sea but its ball freezingly cold and not too many good swells. I also enjoy keeping fit and going hiking, it takes my mind off things and gives me a sense of adventure and accomplishment.
    anyways, hope all is well!
    Hello Sorrow1, I'm from Sydney Australia myself and where abouts are you from by the way. I enjoy keeping fit, such as cycling,hiking and going to the gym, also enjoy surfing at my local beach. How would you like to be my first friend as I have a friendship request for you.
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