Fear of people

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  • Actually my avatar is from the movie Halloween! It is Michael Myers... I am currently making the character Freddy Kruger from the horror movie Nightmare on Elm Street. Yeah, I make these characters for my front yard decor for Halloween. I decorate the entire front yard, to scare all the kids. Some never make it to the front door because they are terrified to come any closer... I love Halloween!
    Fear of People! Hello lo lo :)

    I don't really know anyone in the chatbox anymore, and I don't spend enough time there to get to know them. There's so much focus on problems and anxiety, and not as much friendly socializing and story sharing. Listening to your tales from down under will remain a highlight experience for me :D

    I hope you're doing well, you ol' roo wrestler you
    Hey there. Just been busy at work lately so I've been only checking the site a little. Hope you are well. :)
    Oh, my god! what happened to your dog?!

    I'd like that, but I have a kind of mail phobia :(
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