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  • helo!how r u?sometimes i forget about this site..its like i dont want to include myself here..its like i dont want to admit i have problem..damn im stubborn!
    Hey thanks... it's digital art using Artweaver, a freeware program that's not quite as strong as photoshop but not too bad either. I can't afford real art haha...
    Hey! I've been busy haven't been on here in awhile! I don't think I've ever heard any metalcore before to be honest. Lets see, favorites for me would have to be stuff by Drake, Maroon 5, LOVE me some Led Zeppelin if you wanna go back a few decades. Lol see told ya my tastes run the musical gamut! Too bad about that painting class I took one last fall and loved it. Walked away with a painting worth framing :D. I find it alot of fun to teach myself things though. Internets great for that, theres how to's and tutorials all over the internet that can help! and you can get watercolor paints on the cheap! Hows summer going so far? Any big plans?
    well a 30 year old guy posted some cartoon of our "beloved" political leaders and also posted 3x stuff..so that is one reason and another is the same reason as Pakistan..it is only temporary though..ya good thing we are still connected through this site and u r also in my msn list..so dont worry our frndship will not break that easily (unless u want to) :D
    i listen to a little christian stuff like flyleaf, p.o.d., tenth avenue north and the fray. they're all good bands.
    facebook has been banned in bangladesh! kind of feeling relieved actually..people used 2 misuse a lot
    Your welcome. Well, I'm really into rock and a little metal every now and then. I like music that deals with life and issues. Bands like Disturbed, Muse, Rise Against. I like some hip-hop, but hip-hop has become so stupid now that I can't really even listen to it now. What about you?
    Wow, thanks :) I just get so tired of poetry that only deals with depression and heart break. I like writing about stuff that matters ya know? Anyway thanks. I see you're into literature and music as well. :)
    Are you taking summer courses or is the semester not over? lol of course music, you'd have to be extremely dull not to like music right?! what do you listen to? my tastes are all over the place from indie rock to hip hop. I actually just an internship with some record company designing album covers and logos. im pumped!
    Very cool! Definitely worth continuing, Im an art student working my way to the top! Majoring in graphic design. What else do you like to do?
    lol, my webcam has a tendency to turn me yellow... but I think I got it sorted now. Ebay ftw! :p
    Hi Eilonwy ! :)

    How have you been? Had a nice weekend?
    My weekend was great! Had a date with a chat friend, We swum. And talked alot.
    It was great to finally do some social stuff again. Cuz I'm really homebounded lately.

    That's great that you have the gutts to present in front of a bunch of people!
    That's amazing! R E S P E C T!
    And what i've tried to overcome sa.. well, I've been in mental hospital's two times,
    I stayed with other teenagers, and that was really tough!
    Cuz I was around people all the time!
    And sometimes I have the gutts to sing on the stage with my mom's band.
    Cuz my mom is in a band ^^ so i have the oppurtinity to perform , but believe me..
    it freaks me ouuut! :p
    And over a few weeks i'm going to follow new therapy.. so hopefully it'll work ^^

    What have you tried to overcome sa ? :) And what r ur goals/dreams to become?^^

    XX Saskia!
    Hey thank you for your comment. I think its a great question to ask yourself every so often...I hate to say it but most of the time I think Im just in survival mode :( but being aware of it helps.
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