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  • Hahaha! That's funny. Though, it's just the accent, darlin'. Trust me, ah know. :sarcastic: The Scottish accent spoken by a lassie (woman) is totally different.

    Since yer 1st thought isn't: "OH F**K! :eek: Huv ah just involuntarily shat maself...?!" :giggle: No! Ye think: "Aww! Isn't she just... adorable? Cute accent"

    You'd think a country known for deep-fryin' pizzas & chocolate bars. A relaxed attitude tae swearin' - it fit our speech pattern & it's f**kin' funny. A tell-it-like-it-is honesty & an intense, uncompromising "We don't give a f**k!" attitude, would be immune tae social anxiety. Ah guess, generally speak, we are immune - to some extent. But then fur me, it's more an issue of self-confidence... and being afraid tae make a total eejit of maself. Or ma accent gettin' unintentional laughs when am being serious, or tryin' to be!

    Right, am offski, before ah start borin' the crap outta ya! :bigsmile:
    Oh! Well... ah wasnae expectin' ye tae reply tae what ah said in ma post with a vistor's message, dottie. But ah appreciate it nonetheless.*

    Ye get the point o' what ah was sayin', aye? As well as the two n' two together joke? :ironicsmile: F**k! Just realised ah wrote maist - most - o' this message in ma native tongue. Yer no' wantin' a translation o' the Scottish dialect/lingo, are ye? Yer face isnae like this: :eek: Is it? You've no' got a confused expression on yer face, like a labrador dog that's just been shown a card trick :bigsmile: Awright! Ah'll stop the jokes. Ah know... hard tae believe ah've got social anxiety. Because most o' ma posts here are so ramblin', whimsical n' charmin' because ah write in ma accent. Well, to you lot on this forum, it is.

    *Ah just needed tae say this, didn't ah? Aw that Scottish word vomit was'nae necessary.

    Okay! Ta ta, darlin'. :greeting:
    Hi dottie, thank you for offering to help. I can't seem to find an option to PM you.
    Hi Dottie, thanks. I have a Canon EOS 7D, 16-35mm lens and a good tripod. I'm thinking of upgrading to a Canon 5D Mark III
    LOL! love your baby photo you posted in response to the latest baby photo thread, :giggle: :perfect:
    Thanx for the Bday present! That cat's facial expression was exactly like my own.
    Hi Dottie, yes it is still the same with my parents, it will not change. I don´t write much about it on the forum, but it makes me suffer a lot. Congrats to your jobs, and planning on going to school. Hopefully it will be ok financially. What do you plan to do after the school?
    Hi Dottie, thanks, I feel better now in summer. I was just putting a new carpet to my room and cleaning out everything, etc. I plan on even more renovations in our house, but it is hard with my parents, esp. my father because he can´t communicate, instead turns abusive for nothing. I get all the poison while I don´t deserve it as I´m never doing anyone anything wrong. I am glad though things are getting done despite this, even though it is 10 times harder. Luckily, I also got some translations for home, I am translating articles. It is just a part time irregular job, but I don´t miss any full time slavery in a factory, getting up early etc. It is also not badly paid. I don´t know how long it lasts though. I plan on going to England in the future as soon as I have enough money and some things sorted out at home which I need to get sorted. Do you have a new job? What kind of job is it, do you like it? And how is life generally?
    so you'll have to tell me what the new job is
    and whether it involves travelling to see northeast Wisconsin sunsets
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