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  • I appreciate it. How are things with you? Too bad you don't do mini-chat, I could use some conversation.
    Hi, Dottie. Thanks for asking about it. I still have no feeling in my ring finger and some parts of my hand, and I'm sure the fractures have all but healed by now. I've had to learn to adapt to life with a half-numb hand but I'm happy I still have my hand, as I could've lost it entirely. Thanks again for asking :)
    I do understand Dottie. And I see how it's aggressive in its approach, but it's such a big part of my life and my family's life. However I'd like you to understand that I meant no offense to you or to anyone. I have really enjoyed our conversations and hope that this doesn't make things weird. I really like your sense of humor and enjoy reading your posts, so I hope we can just agree to disagree on this particular subject.
    Dang. The one time you're actually in the chatbox, and I'm too damn tired to join in. :sad: Maybe next time.
    Um . . . brushing my teeth? I think.

    What kind of work are you doing that leaves your feet feeling so un-fine? Want me to rub 'em for ya? ;)
    Do you mean right this minute, or in general? :idontknow:

    While we're on the subject, what's going on with you, and why do you feel like feet? :confused: I'm reasonably certain that you're not feet, at least not entirely, so is this some new delusion? Do I need to put my worried face back on?
    I've tried again. If not there's a couple in my album. I love her enthusiasm for life.
    Hi Dottie, Lenny is a Cockatiel, she's a girl. I put a photo of her on my page.
    I'm not sure. Maybe it's just an impression, but you seem to have retreated some and put up a few more walls. You don't hang in the chatbox anymore, not posting as much. Like I said, maybe just an impression. I guess you're busier, too. New job? BF? School—that's for art, right? Doing anything on Etsy these days? Nosy little shit, ain't I? I miss talking to you. That must be it. And thanks for the caps! You know I can't get enough. ;)
    What's going on with you, Dotz? Are you all right? I've been a bit worried these past few weeks. Feel free to PM me any time if you want to talk.
    I can finally see the image you showed me, it looks pretty nice. My problem with drawing is that it takes a lot of time and my hand isn't really used to it, so I start running out of patience and my hand also starts to hurt.
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