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  • Hi there, I chanced upon your Quebec thread just now. I thought I'd say hello, seeing as I'm a Quebecer myself. :]
    Such things can suck, yeah!! ((sympathizes))

    My sister's even worse than I am in some cases (addicted to computer games etc), and my coz doesn't have it 'all together' either, it's been very stressful on the parents and Gran used to worry about it all a lot, so maybe for any older members of family some kids making it allright can be kinda reassuring too... At least their doing allright may take some of the pressure from you, at least temporarily... in a very weird way.. (I know I had much more peace when my sis was working etc) Even the cousins who may seem to 'have it all together' now, may later get a divorce or fall apart, or might get some other form of illness etc. Nothing is forever.. And maybe later on they'll even come to YOU for advice!!! (happened to me, lol!!!)

    WOW, ballet!! :) Do tell!!

    ((hugs again)) cause you're a great person and go to ballet!!! :) (not all people do!!!)
    Yes she is :). She's my favorite artist by a very large margin, I like her a lot.
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